Writing can be applied harmlessly and beneficially to whatever topic the writer chooses. It can resurface increasing one's income, fame, and expertise. A youthful stimulus from dull thinking repairs the writing to age smart writing. Daily writing rejuvenates the mind so exceptional anti-aging works flow easily.question

Think about it. Writers must continually research and stay current with topics. Even if a camouflage conceals some uneven writing that isn't updated, the writer knows that the magic potion is available. Staying in the now trend is anti-aging muscle to flex when writing. The act of writing encourages revealing the youthful technology and ingredients needed to publish today.

The age delay daily writing continually cleanses the fraught mind of blotchy thoughts. Eventually those word zits get washed away. Even writing about writing gets smoother. An active radiance flourishes on the once blank pages. A secret complexion of timeless writing sloughs off any dead words, and reader's delight tightens any sagging areas.

Yes, just like those multiple products out there selling the anti-aging fountain of youth, the writing organism has it's allure too. Perfect for highlighting even the grayest areas, writing fights aging naturally. It can cleanse, repair, and rejuvenate all those frizzy subjects so dreadfully outdated. Just read all the cool baby boomer blogs. Those free radicals are not aging through writing.

Exercise is an anti-aging treatment. Writing takes brain fitness, mental exercise to avoid depression, dementia, and disaster (out-of-work) problems consuming us. The workout that the eyes, fingers, hands, and brain get are extremely valuable. More body gets exercised when writing takes a walk so re-writing or finishing a piece is fresher. I just came back from a writing walk, and aim to finish this article now. Lecithin is good brain food; think of writing as lecithin for the brain. It is always being exercised when writing or thinking about what words to use or researching about the topic.

Play exclamationis anti-aging. Writing is very playful. It allows for lightness, joy, and laughter. Word play is great playful fun. That's what I am doing with this article. It is writing playing with the anti-aging scene that has infiltrated western culture like the extra firming eye gel you just bought. Writing play is tempting, nourishing, and having the effect of the anti-aging smile. No frowning when engaged in playful writing.

Lastly, writing is anti-aging memory. By practicing the art, writing it down, short- term memory loss diminishes. Learning new writing habits, new words, new writing tools, and daily practice increases memory. Those frequent brain farts become past hiccups. The total effects go beyond a daily effort.