Banner Farms Don't Work For Affiliate Marketing

There’s nothing worse than visiting a website or blog that is nothing more than a one-page advertisement. Sites that do nothing but display advertisements and have no content won’t make you sales as an affiliate. In the early days of the Internet, colorful banners and fancy graphics would get clicks because it was new but now these ads just annoy the web user. If you use banners make sure you use one or two and don’t go above that number. Don’t be surprised if you get no clicks or sales on your site if it’s full of banners and nothing else. Keep the graphic advertisements to a minimum or at least make them a part of your content. So for example, if you are selling books make your advertisements for books not diet pills or something else. Put yourself in the shoes of the reader and ask yourself if you visited this site would you click on anything? The answer to this is going to be no, so don’t go the banner farm route because it just doesn’t work in the long term.

Affiliates Make More With Great Content

Another major problem is that affiliates focus too much on the advertising and not enough on the content. You can’t make sales without getting readers interested in your site enough to want to click on your advertising. If you don’t have anything of value on your site, you won’t make any money.  You might get the odd click here and there but the money won’t come in on a steady basic because no one is coming back to your site to see what else you have to offer. Content can include informative articles, free videos, sounds, images, or downloads. Even if you have a one-page site where you’re trying to sell a niche product to someone have something free like a forum to discuss the product. No content equals no return visitors and no real affiliate sales. You want visitors to comeback since it’s on the second or third visit that they may just click and make you money.

Affiliates Feature Bad Design on Their Blogs or Websites

Another problem you might have is that your site or blog has a bad design. If you have too many graphics or sounds, the site may load slowly and cause people to get frustrated and look to another site for information. One long running page isn’t the best option either unless you are marketing one product and one product only such as an e-book.  Your site needs an easy to navigate menu system so your visitors don’t get confused.  Don’t make a site that is a bunch of different colors, since white is easy to read. Background looked great in the past but now they are just annoying.  Give your site a professional appearance and you’ll make more sales. Another problem is the use of too many affiliates on your site, which clutters it. Use one or two proven affiliates and work on those before you add more. Think of making multiple sites if you want to promote a bunch of affiliates, don’ stuff them all on one site.

Affiliates Need Reviews and Testimonials


You‘ll make more sales by pitching your products properly. Have reviews of your affiliate products to get people interested in them.  Try to use the product yourself if you can and write a decent article on it. This is providing your visitor with content and making your site useful to your users. If your site is useful, they will tell their friends about it and you’ll get more visitors. Try to get feedback from people about the product you are trying to sell and use those testimonials to sell more. Even if you are just selling a book, try to use positive testimonials to generate more sales.

Give It Time

You can make money as an affiliate if you do it the right way. Give your visitors content so they come back and visit you. Don’t make annoying useless banner farms, which only serve to drive visitors from your site. Make your site easy to use with a good design and pitch your products with reviews and testimonials to generate interest in them. Good luck as an affiliate on the Internet.