It seems that everywhere you turn these days people are talking about making money online. If you listen to these people long enough, you start to think that this is something that you should get into. You spend a lot of time each day online. It would be easy to use all of this time online to start making money online, or so you think. There is one reason that you are not making money online right now. You are not using your time wisely when you are logged into to begin making money online.

The Problem

There are many time drains available to you online. These start with friendly forwards from family and friends of jokes and inspirational sayings that you read as soon as they get to your inbox. The next step that many people make in their Internet surfing is that they read the daily headlines and gossip from the front page of whatever home page that they use. All of this is not making money online for you. It is wasting time.

The reason that you and many other people are not making money online is that they spend too much time online doing nothing. Doing nothing means that you are doing tasks that will not make you money. If you are really interested in making money online, you need to spend every moment that you are on your computer doing tasks that are designed to start making money online.

This may seem drastic and it is. Time is a precious thing that we only have so much of each day. It is the wise person who uses their time to be the most productive person that they can be. This is the number one truth of making money online. When you are focusing your Internet time to doing things that will make you money, you will start making money online.