If you're reading this article, it's safe to say that you know about Info Barrel and may have even written some articles on the site. You've heard about the income potential, but you're struggling to earn your first $1. It's discouraging to write a lot and not see quick results, so you may have given up without giving much thought to why you aren't making money.

What if I told you it was possible for your InfoBarrel earnings to exceed $2,000 per month? You might think I'm crazy, but believe me, it's possible. Sometimes knowing why you're not making money with Info Barrel is more important than understanding why you are making money. Let's examine some of the possible reasons.

1) You don't write enough articles. Simply put, if you don't write a lot of articles, you aren't going to make much money. You could pour your heart and soul into ten articles, but the truth is, you'll never make much money from just those ten articles. Although good quality articles are important, a big part of making money on Info Barrel is a numbers game. Write more articles, earn more money. It's simple math.

2) You don't optimize your titles for search engines. Your ranking in Google, when you look at only the content of your article, is largely driven by your title (which in turn affects the URL of your article). It's no secret that your URL and your title directly impact your ranking in Google's search results. Unless the article has already been written by someone else, you have complete control over what it says, so you should use that to your benefit. Using amazing tools like Google's Keyword Tool (free) and Market Samurai (costs money but is definitely worth it - there's a free trial if you want to check it out), you can make sure that each of your articles is positioned for optimal search engine traffic.

3) You write about topics that aren't "ad friendly." This isn't an exact science, but many topics don't lend themselves toward ad clicks because they simply don't lead a reader to search for more information. For example, if I write about making money online, a reader will see various ads for "make money online" products that might seem interesting to examine. However, if the article is about how to tie a shoe, there's a good chance the reader won't have any reason to click beyond the article, because they are getting everything they came for in the body of the article. This isn't to say that the article will never get clicks, but it's a topic that probably doesn't lead to many clicks.

4) You ignore all other SEO factors. It's one thing to write a good title, but it's also important to focus on other SEO ("search engine optimization") factors. This includes creating backlinks, paying attending to keyword density (how many times your title/keyword are repeated in the body of your article), and keeping your article "fresh" by updating it every once in awhile (I'm not sure this is absolutely necessary, however).

5) You're not patient. This might be the most important point. Results take time, mainly because it takes time for your articles to age and improve their search engine rankings. If you're not patient, you won't be here to enjoy the earnings when they finally come around.

Hopefully this article has helped you understand why you might not be making money with Info Barrel. If you can focus on doing the above things well, I have no doubt that you'll be on your way to making tons of money!