Waking up every morning to report for work in the office can be very stressful and even expensive to both the employer and the employees. However, this can be avoided today, with the advent of technology that offers people the option of working from the comfort of their homes. Doing work from home does not necessarily mean that one has to be in the confines of their study room or living room at home, but can also include being on a beach somewhere or any other place outside the office. When one works from home, there are lots of things that they are bound to enjoy and this the main reason why most people are today opting for the same. Here are some of the reasons why people might choose to carry out their jobs from the comfort of their homes.


  • Lower office costs

When there are few people operating from an office, there are lower bills to be paid. This can be in terms of electricity used, coffee or tea supplied, phone bills to pay and many other office items. Today, people are able to conduct much of their work over the internet such that there might be less need for an office or if there has to be one, it does not have to be large for everyone to have their own desks. This in turn helps in reducing the costs of renting a larger office and buying many office desks.


  • Reduced employee expenses

Most surveys conducted by different organizations reveal that when employees conduct their official duties from their homes, there are chances that every one of them saves approximately five thousand dollars monthly in expenses related to fuel costs. This is so because they will be mostly telecommuting. This saves up on the amount of money used in fueling the car every morning.


  • Save the planet

When most people carry out their jobs at their own comfort without having to go to the office everyday, it means that the number of cars on the roads will have been reduced. Since cars are known to emit gases and other substances that are harmful to the atmosphere, their reduced usage will result into a reduced effect on the planet as a result of toxic emissions from cars.


  • Have time with the family

Most people who go to the office at times rarely have time for their families since they spend a greater part of their time working. However, when one operates from home, there is plenty of time to interact with the rest of the family members like the kids.