This time last year my wife and I took our belated honeymoon trip to Paris, the city of love. I’d been once before in high school and was a bit worried the tourist experience would feel redundant. I was pleasantly surprised! Paris kicked off our marriage wonderfully, and it's inspired me to tell other couples they must go someday if they've not already! Everything from the food to the art to the mystical history of the city makes it worth while to go. However, although it's a classic, I've realized that most couples remain unconvinced that those vacation dollars should still be spent here and not elsewhere. Therefore, here are 7 abiding reasons why all couples should still go to Paris. 

1) Romance of the City. It’s cliché for a reason! But I’m not just talking about the romance between you and your spouse. There's also the reawakening the city brings to your own hopes and dreams. I found myself wide awake from jet lag my first few mornings and excitedly waltzing around the city at 4am. I was able to grab a baguette and watch the sunrise over Notre Dame, a great time to jot down your inspiration in your journal or put together your itinerary for the day! 

2) The Eiffel Tower. Parisians hated the tower when it was first built, but it’s become one of the icons of the city and remains one of the most stunning architectural feats of the city. Get there early in the morning and you’ll be one of the first elevator rides to the top! 

3) The Louvre. Whether you love art or not makes no difference, there’s so much to see at the Louvre! Study the top 10 art pieces before you go and it will make your visit that much better!

4) Street Food. Crepes, crepes, crepes: what else do I have to say? 

5) Versailles. Although outside the city a bit, the palace of King Louis XIV remains one of Paris’ most artistically triumphant and controversial buildings in France. The palace itself will have your jaw dropping for its extravagant luxury (Louis cannot be outdone, even today!), and if that isn't enough, the 2,500 acres of perfectly manicured gardens is sure to impress.  The tour through the palace is short, but don't forget to visit the house of Marie Antoinette after your stroll through the gardens.   

6) Notre Dame. Probably the most famous Church in the world next to St. Peters, Notre Dame is one in a million with it’s gothic architectures and stain glass windows. Stay for Sunday evening mass to hear the acoustics of the building reverberate to sooth your soul. 

7) Shakespeare and Company bookstore. The gathering place for Ezra Pound, Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce and Ford Madox Ford and many other famous writers sits on just the other side of the Seine River across from Notre Dame. It's unusually small for a bookstore given its fame, but such a delight to walk through (or even sit if you’re a book lover!). 

Though only a few reasons to tack Paris on to your bucket list, I hope I've convinced you and your loved one! Au Revoir, and we'll see you at the Eiffel Tower!