If you happen to love great tasting coffee, but have trouble achieving it on a regular basis then your problem could be the type of grinder you're using. Of course, this is assuming that you already grind your beans prior to brewing. If you don't then it's important for you to understand the benefits that can be derived from doing so. We'll get into that a bit later on. For now, it's important that we concentrate on the people that already grind their own beans. The most important take away message concerning coffee grinders is that not all grinders are the same – some are better than others. If you're looking for the best type of grinder on the market then you should look no further than the conical burr grinder.

When attempting to brew really good coffee people tend to fall for all sorts of gimmicks. There are those that will spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy coffee machine or one of those pod coffee makers that have become so popular, while others tend to spend their money on boutique coffee. In the end, however, the result is usually the same – disappointment. The reason for this is that these people either don't know or don't care about the components that go into making truly great coffee. What are these components, you ask? It's actually pretty simple – freshly roasted beans, a consistent and uniform grind and the proper water temperature with which to brew. If you think this sounds simplistic then you're right – it is.

Among the 3 key components listed above, perhaps the most important is the quality of the grind. After all, you can take the freshest coffee out there and ruin it by using an inferior grinder. The grind needs to uniform and properly sized in order to provide the proper extraction of flavors. Finding the perfect grind may take a bit of time, though it should be similar in size to coarse beach sand. Any finer and you risk over-extraction and a subsequent bitter quality in the final cup. The only way to achieve this quality of grind is to use a burr grinder, and preferable a conical burr grinder.

Burr grinders are preferred because of the mechanism that's used in the grinding process. Unlike a blade grinder that uses metal blades to pulverize the coffee beans into a bunch of tiny pieces, a burr grinder uses a set of burrs to gently, but deliberately crush the beans into uniform particles. Beans are placed inside of a hopper and only pass through the grinding mechanism one time, which minimizes the opportunity for over-grinding and dust particles.

When shopping for a conical burr grinder it's important to stick with models that have been proven in terms of reliability and performance. Grinders produced by Solis are generally very reliable and quite affordable for an entry-level option. The Solis Maestro can be purchased for about $80.00 through a variety of online retailers. Regardless of the specific model you choose, it's essential that you select a burr grinder if consistently great coffee is something you desire.