A heated car seat is the rule basically for all cars nowadays. Car manufacturers add built in heaters to the seats, to provide extra comfort for the driver and the passengers. However, when outside is very cold, the car seats don’t warm up quickly enough. That’s because the engine of the car need to warm up first, and only then you will get some heat inside the car and the seats will start warming up. If you live in regions with cold, long winters, you know how important it is to have a well heated car seat.


Heated Car Seat Cover

If the built in heaters from your car seat don’t satisfy you, you have the option to buy a heated car seat cover. There are many different models you can choose, made of durable materials, such as nylon or carbon fiber. They fit in any type of car seat, so you don’t have to search for a particular size, shape of brand for your car. The only thing you should check is the amperage they need in order to function. The covers connect to the cigarette lighter through a jack, and they function with electric energy from the car’s battery. The batteries from all cars have 12 volts, and the heated car seat covers also work on 12 volts, so no problem there. But small car tend to have batteries with smaller amperage, while larger car batteries with higher amperage. The heated covers you get need to function on the amperage from your car’s battery, so be careful about that aspect when you are shopping for those accessories.


 Differences Between A Heated Car Seat Cushion And A Heated Car Seat Pad

A cushion is a smaller device, which doesn’t cover the backrest of your seat. If you don’t like to too much heat and you just want to defrost your seat a little in the morning, then the cushion is perfect for you. But, if you prefer to feel the heat all around you, then a pad is the perfect option for you. Most pads cover the seat entirely and also goes down, providing some warmth for your legs also. If you decided to buy a heated pad, you should get one that allows you to control the areas you want to heat up. Most pads are divided into for areas: upper back and neck, lower back, upper legs and lower legs. You can heat all the areas in the same time, or you can select only one, two or three of them. Such a nice pad will prove to be a great help for you. Driving every day in a freezing car for miles and miles it’s nor comfortable or healthy. You might end up with excruciating back pains and your immune system will be affected by spending so much time in the cold. A simple accessory – a heated pad – will protect you from all the problems.


Heated Car Seat Kit

A good quality heated car seat kit contains a pad or a cover that comes on the cushion and the backrest of the seat, a cable that connects the pad to the cigarette lighter from your car’s dashboard. Also, such a kit should contain an easy to use remote and a switch button. Controlling the intensity of the temperature with a single hand and in an uncomplicated manner is very important, because sometimes you will need to adjust the heat while you are driving. When you are shopping for such kits, you need to be careful about the safety features. You should buy an item that doesn’t heat higher then 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This is more then enough to keep you nice and warm, without risking accidents or burns. Sometimes, if it’s very cold outside and you get inside the car, you won’t feel is the heat is just to high and you might burn yourself. Such accidents were reported over time, both with heaters built in the seats by car manufacturers and with heated pads and covers.


Heated Car Seat Reviews 

When you are shopping around for hated pads or covers for your car seat, reading some reviews will be very helpful for you. This way, you’ll get an honest, reliable feedback about the product you intend buying, directly from consumers who bought and use it. You’ll get a better idea on the qualities and defects of each product and you’ll be able to make an informed decision.