Are You Using the Right Product?

There are few if any facial features that women associate with beauty more than the eyes. Having gorgeous and youthful looking eyes is a top priority and there are hundreds if not thousands of unique creams and serums on the market to help us. While almost every woman uses an eye cream as part of her daily skin care routine, most women neglect one of the biggest beauty problem spots.

Stressful work schedules, lack of sleep and sometimes just the aging process itself often leaves behind moderate to severe puffiness. Most creams will moisturize or firm up under-eye wrinkles and crow's feet but do not even contain ingredients that will help relieve puffiness. Unfortunately, adding moisture alone is not enough to deal with swelling and dark circles.

Solving the problem requires understanding a little background information about what it is that causes puffiness and bags to form. Developing those tired looking puffy eyes results from the build up and retention of excess fluid in the soft tissue in nearby areas. There are three main factors that can contribute to this beauty nightmare.

1. Swelling and Fluid Retention - The most common cause most dermatologists point to first is sleep deprivation or poor quality sleep. If you aren't getting an average of seven to ten hours of restful and uninterrupted sleep, you are at a higher risk for experiencing frequent spells of puffiness or dark circles. Using an eye puffiness cream that has ingredients that will help to offer a cooling effect and promote increased circulation can help to quickly reverse some of the effects.

2. Bags as a Symptom - Many times, having puffy bags under your eyes is actually a symptom of something else that is causing your body to create swelling in response to. Some of the most common causes include allergies to other products you are using, hormonal cycles, and dermatitis. For those of you who interpreted that to mean that there is a possibility that your problem with tired looking eyes could actually be in part caused by some of the products you are using in trying to make your face look better, you are on the right track. If you think this may apply to you, it's time to consider switching to a different cream or moisturizer.

Eye Creams for Puffiness

Most consumers assume that if a facial cream has the word "eye" somewhere on the package label that it's helpful for getting rid of whatever related aging problem we have. Experts caution that being a bit more selective when choosing a product is import for getting a good value.

Before you buy anything, you should ask yourself if your biggest concern is wrinkles and crow's feet or if you are having problems with puffy bags under the eyes and dark circles. These are two distinctly different beauty concerns and you should treat them quite differently. If you are using an anti-wrinkle cream product and are becoming frustrated that it doesn't get rid of the puffiness, it's time for you to make a change.

Instead, try to find a product that is specifically formulated as an eye puffiness cream and will deliver ingredients that will help to boost circulation and make those ugly bags go away. Key active ingredients in whichever product you end up selecting should help to reduce inflammation and swelling, and increase circulation to transport trapped fluids away from the areas around the eyes.

Remember that anti-aging products for the face are not all the same and you need to make sure that you are using the right cream for the condition you are hoping to improve. By making the right choice, you will spend less money on useless products and be much more satisfied with your results and overall appearance!