Protecting Your Home and Possessions

For most people, the home that they live in is the most expensive and most precious thing that they will ever own. Consider for a minute how you would feel if your home was damaged or destroyed in a fire or flood, or ransacked by burglars. The experience would probably be devastating, but imagine how much worse you would feel if you could not even afford to replace your belongings or repair your property. Building and contents insurance is essential to protect you in case of damage to your home or theft of your possessions.

Here are a few situations in which insuring your home can provide help for you and your family when you need it most.


According to the Environment Agency, more than 5 million properties in England and Wales are at risk of flooding. If you live in one of these properties, having a home insurance policy that covers flooding is essential to help you to clear up the devastation that flood water can cause.

You might think that such a devastating situation will never arise, but the statistics show that this complacency is misguided. In 2012 alone, more than 7,000 homes were flooded, and the situation may get worse as the climate continues to become more chaotic and an increase in the amount of built-up area prevents water from following its natural pathways.

Home insurance may cost more if you live in a flood-affected area. To get the best deal, compare policies from several different providers, as there is a large degree of variation in the ways that different insurers treat flooding when calculating premiums.


Fire is an ever-present risk for homeowners. Electrical faults, cigarettes not properly extinguished, and accidents while cooking can all trigger a fire that can quickly spread out of control. Even if you think that you are so careful that a fire would never happen in your home, a fire that spreads from a neighbour’s home could still damage your property. Without insurance, a fire could burn your home to the ground and leave you with nothing to show for the largest investment you have ever made.


While the prospect of a disaster such as a fire or flood might seem remote, almost everyone has direct or indirect experience of crime. In London alone, approximately 60,000 domestic burglaries are reported to the Metropolitan Police every year. Contents insurance allows victims of burglary to replace their possessions. While nothing can reverse the trauma of your home being broken into, at least if you have insurance you will not have to go without the things you need while you save up enough money to replace them.

Insurance Requirements on Mortgaged Homes

If you have a mortgage, or you are considering getting one, you may be required to purchase a home insurance policy. Many mortgage providers insist on a property being covered by buildings insurance, although they probably won’t make you buy contents insurance if you don’t want to. Remember that you do not have to accept the insurance policy offered to you by your mortgage provider; you can shop around to find a cheaper policy that still meets the requirements if you want to save some money.

Why Contents Insurance?

Even if you are not required by your lender to have contents insurance, it can be a good idea to take out this kind of policy anyway. The average UK home contains personal possessions worth more than £30,000. Try to add up the value of everything in your home, and consider whether you could afford to replace it if your home was burgled, flooded or destroyed by fire. Contents insurance shields you from this kind of financial disaster by allowing you to pay a small monthly or annual premium in exchange for a guarantee that if the worst should happen, you will be able to replace your possessions without paying a huge amount out of your own pocket.

How to Insure Your Home

Wherever you live, and whatever the value of your property, building and contents insurance can help to protect you from disaster. Take a look at a few policies and compare the terms and premiums to find the right policy for you.

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