Now no one will argue against you, that you are effectively creating sources of passive income by writing articles for InfoBarrel. 

However, what you are trading for this is time and energy  to create these sources of passive income, this is certainly a credible thing to do to boost your income, by not trading time for money. As you are working once, and earn from that one hour or so of work to write the article, then to earn from it for the rest of your life (usually permitting that your article isn't time dependent).

The real trick though is instead of focusing your time on writing articles, you spend that time taking advantage of InfoBarrel's referral scheme by creating a strategy to gain more referrals. This then transfers the effort from you of having to write articles continuously to create more and more streams of passive income, to your referrals.

Two main advantages that I can see instantly:

  • Obviously you don't have to write content, to have passive income sources produced for you.
  • Having referrals also means you become less limited. i.e where you have no referrals you have 24 hours in a day to produce content, where as having 10 referrals you have eleven people to effectively produce passive income streams for you in that 24 hours.

Ultimately, the work invested into gaining more referrals, acts as a sort of  indirect passive income, what I mean by the term 'indirect passive income' is that from the strategy you are implementing to recruit referrals (where you get more and more writers) over time. Which then produce more and more articles, which then you earn money from with the 2 percent referral.

Let's quickly go over some maths.

Now you may not feel two percent isn't all that great.

Well wait for it.

Presuming you have created a good quality strategy to recruit referrals.

You could be looking at referring 5 people every month to InfoBarrel.

So by the end of the year, you will have recruited a total of 60 people, however not all might be effective and also others will differ how much they write, how much traffic they attract etc. So, obviously the following maths will below are estimates. But I am going to be slightly pessimistic with my math.

So out of the total 60 people ( some may produce more content than another, some people will produce no content at all) but over the year I estimate they will produce a total of thirty articles on average each. This is without additional intervention from you: tips to make your referrals more efficient.

That is a total of 1800 additional articles that act as a source of passive income for you, from just one year. All that from just a bit of effort on your part, the creation of a good strategy to recruit referrals. Now from, he states that an article can expect to average 4 views per day, and you on average earn $15 from 1000 views (but since you get 2%), you will be looking at forty cent per 1000 views from articles your referrals have wrote.

Hence, four multiplied by the 1800 articles = 7200 views a day. Which hence works out that you are earning approximately $2.88 per day.

So from just one strategy implemented: you could have an additional $86.40 of passive income a month (after a year). From just one piece of work, amazing just from one strategy implemented by you.

Like I said above, all that needs to be done, is wait ...

But Wait ...

what is even more exciting is you can effectively implement more than one strategy to gain referrals along with various types of strategy to recruit referrals. Where the maths above might only represent getting referrals from one strategy from one type for example. Where you could create even more, to get even more referrals that will constantly be referred to you over your lifetime.