Why You Should Always Have Small Magnets Around

Small magnets embody a tremendous amount of mystery and magic. Not only are small cheap magnets a lot of fun to play with and perform magic tricks with, but they're also endlessly useful. Small magnets have been used extensively in the home, office, and in recreation all over the world. Best of all, due to the intense proliferation of magnets in the past few decades, you can find a plethora of different kinds of magnets around that are effective, strong and inexpensive.

No matter you particular needs or setting, you can easily find a set of small magnets that will be perfect for you.

New Ideas for Using Small Magnets

Once you've bought your cheap magnets, either from the local hardware store or online, you can set about to making a number of different tasks and problems in your home or office run more smoothly. The most obvious and traditional use for small magnets is to hold certain things in place and attach notes and other pieces of paper to other things.

If you have a problem with your desk lamp continually sliding around on your metal desk, but you don't want to make a mess by screwing it in place or trying to use tape or glue, you can simply affix four circular small magnets to the base of your lamp and have it stay firmly in place with no mess whatsoever.

Metal drawers keep sliding open and won't shut firmly? Just glue two small magnets to the inside of the drawers, one on each side, and enjoy your desk drawer's new firm stay-in-place fit.

Of course, small magnets are always ideal for putting notes and stickies onto your refridgerator or other metal surface. Just always keep in mind to never put magnets near to computers or other data processing electronics as the magnetic fields can irreparably destroy data and important information saved onto the device or computer.

Did you know that wide flat magnets can be used to secure a For Sale sign to your car door? You can drive around and advertise your vehicle as you go throughout the normal course of your day.

Many auto shops and workshops in general have a telescoping magnetic wand handy at all times so that workers can easily pick up small pieces of metal, like screws or nails that might drop during the course of business. Instead of straining and potentially injuring yourself while trying to reach a dropped piece of metal, you can comfortably extend your telescoping magnetic wand to reach and retrieve whatever you've dropped safely and easily.

Even if you can't find a telescoping magnetic wand for sale in local shops, you can make one yourself at home. You just need a couple of small magnets that you can attach to the end of a strong thin pole. Even an old broom handle will work. You can saw off the pole, hot glue gun a couple of small magnets to the pole, and have your own magnetic retrieval wand ready to go.

Buying Cheap Magnets

Cheap magnets can usually be found in hardware stores, where they come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. You can find small cheap magnets that are formed into small circles, making them ideal for being glued to various surfaces of things you want to stay together.

You can also buy cheap magnets online where many distributors will even give you a break on shipping if your order exceeds a minimum order point amount.