Holiday Blog Plan

If you are a blogger or a company with a business blog, then hopefully, you’ve already been using best practice SEO strategies.  With the holiday season in full swing though, it’s time to adapt those strategies accordingly.  Each day this month, more shoppers are online looking for gifts, information about gifts, and recommendations for gifts.  Not only that, but they’re now buying more of them online now than every too.  You can take advantage of this holiday traffic boost, without too much extra work.  You simply need to keep a little bit of holiday inspiration in mind each time you write.


Incorporate Holiday-Related Keywords for a Holiday SEO Boost

First of all, consider what people will be searching for.  Then, think about the keywords they’ll be using to find it.  Of course, people looking specifically for your kind of products and services will obviously be using many of the same keywords you’ve already optimized for, but you’ll find some success by adding a few more just for this season.  For example, most people will be using the word “gift” or “gifts” in their searches.  Normally, this is part of a phrase narrowing down who the gift is for.  An example of this would be “gifts for men” or “gifts for techies.”  They might also search a particular category of gifts, such as “technology gifts” or “green gifts.”  Try using keyword phrases like this that fit into your industry.  Try to come up with as many potential people and categories your products could be included in to increase your audience.


Create Industry-Related Gift Lists to Attract Holiday Shopping Readers

People like easy-to-access information.  For this reason, they’d rather skim through lists of gifts than read large essays about them.  This is why top ten lists are so popular and why you should use them in your holiday blogging.  What are the top ten gifts in your industry or on your site?  What are the best gifts for men, women, techies, and more?  By brainstorming different categories of lists and other groupings, your link will be much more attractive in the search results.  Also, it allows you to give a brief review of your products or services as well as convincing reasons they make such great gifts.  Take advantage of this opportunity to sell!  If you don’t sell products or services and blogging is your main source of income, consider a variety of lists related to the holidays – whether gift-centered or not.


Give Your Embedded Multimedia a Holiday Look for Image Browsers

By now, your blog should include some form of media, preferably a mix of media.  This is a great opportunity to give it a holiday twist.  Whether it’s an infographic, a video, or a simple picture, it shouldn’t be too hard to add a holiday theme.  Think of holiday colors like green and red or winter vistas with fresh, white snow.  If you use music in anyway, there is a lot of public domain holiday music to choose from without worrying about copyrights.  Some internet users like to search their topics on Google Images instead of the standard route.  This is because they are more visually-oriented or may be looking for a very specific illustration or topic.  By including a holiday-themed graphic tagged with the same keywords as your content, you’ll get a lot more hits from these types of searches.


Offer Holiday Coupons to New Subscribers for an Increase in Conversions

Holiday season is the perfect time to hand out gifts to reward your readers and incentives to attract new ones.  Market your blog on social media sites and on the web.  At the end of each post, be sure to show a subscribe link with an incentive offer.  If people get discounts for signing up, not only will you increase your long-term readership but also sales on your site.  Make sure the discounts or other incentives you offer are worth it.  A 10% coupon on orders over $100 will hardly move people to add yet another email to weekly inbox.  Tis the time for giving, so be generous with 25% discounts, buy one get one free offers, and maybe even entry into an expensive gift giveaway.


Start Early with Holiday Themes to Attract More Readers

All of these SEO strategies won’t be very effective unless you start implementing them now.  If you wait too long, the majority of holiday shopping will be finished.  Also, the longer your holiday themes are up, the more people they are likely to attract.  Besides, search engine optimization takes a while to affect your ranking, so if you do it the week before Christmas, you won’t be likely to see results until after it’s already passed.  It never hurts to get a jumpstart on your competition either!


If you’re still not sure how your industry can connect to holidays, take some time to look around at other blogs on the web.  There are likely many bloggers out there already employing these strategies.  Their ideas may inspire some of your own.  Also, it might be a good idea to check out your competition. If they’re optimizing for holiday traffic, find out what keywords they’re using, so you can use them too.  You wouldn’t want them to corner that market!  Then, try to add those they haven’t thought of to give your site the edge.  When the holidays come around next year, you can use these same holiday SEO strategies.  Plus, the basic idea behind these tips will work for holidays and annual celebrations throughout the year, so don’t just blog about Christmas or Hanukah.  You can start planning now for New Years, and then it’s on to Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, 4th of July, Halloween, and beyond.  Consider implementing a holiday blog strategy that spans the globe and gets your blog holiday traffic year-round.