Actress Lindsay Lohan's recent DUI-related imprisonment has caused a big stir in Hollywood. Yes, popular and rich celebs do go to jail. This now makes Driving Under Influence (DUI) a serious driving violation, especially for Beverly Hills California girls.

A seeming naughty defiance to traffic rules turned out as a catastrophe for a rich driver. California courts seem to be doing its job to maintain discipline and safe driving habits on the road.

However, the law extends its disciplinary arm even to boat operators. Resorts and water parks receive its regulation when offering recreational activities to the public. Even public ship operators are also mandated to comply with Boating under Influence (BUI) prohibition.

DUI and BUI laws have similar penalties and functions. Enforcement officers can conduct Blood Alcohol content (BAC) test among operators and passengers. Authorities can compel operators to stop and undergo further tests if suspected of BUI.

If you are charged with a BUI violation, you will have to pay fines, do community service, or face imprisonment.

Examples of watercrafts are: yacht, fishing boat, and commercial ships, recreational vessels.

U.S. Coast Guards monitors potential BUI violations on water. Alcohol intoxication poses more threat in waters than on land. BUI regulation aims to prevent hazard or accident among watercrafts especially on commercial ports and recreational water parks. Authorities can ask a BUI-suspected vessel to pull over just like any car in Los Angeles.

Alcohol intoxication can adversely affect the operator's mental and physical abilities in navigating the ship or boat. Boater's fatigue, caused by extreme weather condition and waves, can aggravate the hazards of intoxication. It can also cause serious danger to passengers.

Authorities can put checkpoints in several water locations to inspect potential cases of BUI violations.

BUI violation will have a permanent mark on your driving history. You can also have your license revoked. Similar DUI penalties apply to operators who committed BUI violation with minors on board. A BUI violation automatically increases your insurance premium. Worse, repeated violation will drag you to jail.

Watercraft operators are mandated to have less than 0.08 percent of alcohol content in their blood. California similarly implements zero alcohol tolerance among minors.

Here are some tips to avoid BUI violation when on a boating activity with family or friends:

1. Never attempt to bring any liquor or alcoholic drinks.

2. Inspect the bags of your teenagers, and check if there are bottles of beer or any alcoholic drinks.

3. Educate your children and young people on the rationale of not drinking alcohol when on a boating activity.

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