Claims for disability benefits, be it under the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program, are usually rejected by the Social Security Administration if they find the proof of income or disability is insufficient.

Once the initial claim has been rejected, claimants may need to consult with a Los Angeles social security disability lawyer who will assist in filing an appeal to the agency's decision regarding his claim. Here are some of the things that a lawyer can do:

  • Review the case and determine whether his client is eligible for benefits despite the reason provided by the agency as to why the initial claim was rejected.
  • File the necessary documents to appeal SSA's decision.
  • Determine evidence, such as the client's complete medical and financial records, that should prove his eligibility for the benefits.
  • Help the client in developing the case before it is presented at hearings conducted by an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).
  • Coach his client regarding the extent of information that should be released to the SSA personnel handling the case.
  • Guide the applicant on how to properly answer questions posted by the ALJ.

The truth is, applicants don't know everything that should be prepared before attending appeal hearings. An expert, such as a social security disability lawyer, is capable of doing the aforementioned tasks for their client and helps him get his much-needed benefits.

Under the SSA, there are two programs where these benefits can be claimed.

The Social Security Disability Insurance benefits cater to the needs of workers who were able to pay enough social security taxes. By paying these taxes, these workers also become eligible to receive retirement benefits even before reaching their full retirement age.

Some of their family members can also benefits from the worker's payment of the social security taxes and they may be entitled to receive survivor benefits once the principal beneficiary dies.

The Supplemental Security Income program, on the other hand, benefits claimants who need not pay social security taxes as the funds for this program are taken from the general taxes.

Even if the agency says that you are not eligible to receive benefits under SSDI, you must still consult with a lawyer as SSDI benefits are much higher as compared to SSI benefits.

Following the lawyer's instructions will increase your chances of receiving the disability benefits. Always consult with these experts before making decisions that will jeopardize your claim.