Having a baby it’s a very special moment for all families. Sometimes, new mothers feel like they have to spend a lot of time at home, with the new baby, because going out and even travelling with an infant seems like a complicated activity. But there is no real reason to change your active lifestyle after you had a baby. On the contrary, going out a lot, in the park, walking around your neighborhood or even travelling it’s healthy, stimulating and entertaining for your baby. A zippy stroller from Inglesina is the right accessory for active, dynamic families.


Advantages Of Zippy Stroller

When you are shopping for a stroller, you have two options: strollers that are durable and comfortable for the baby, but in the same time are heavy and massive, or light sport strollers, which are generally fragile and without any accessories included. With a zippy stroller, you have a lot of advantages. This type of stroller is light and easy to maneuver, you can pack it and put it in your car trunk with just one move, and in the same time your baby is comfortable and safe. A zippy stroller comes with a lot of useful, functional accessories: rain cover, snack tray, cup holder for the parents and a leg cover that can be easily folded while not in use. But maneuverability is the best feature of the zippy stroller. The handles are very well positioned and you don’t have to lean forward when pushing the stroller, thus you wont’ experience back pains, like it happens sometimes with other strollers. The front wheels are mobile, the swivel around, and you can go around all the obstacles with just one move. This means you can use the stroller in crowded places, like stores, without any difficulties. Big, heavy strollers are particularly hard to deal with when you have a lot of people around, and other obstacles, like store shells. This is why people get discouraged after one of two trips and they simply give up on using the stroller. Many parents would rather stay home or carry the baby, because they don’t have the right type of stroller. With zippy stroller, you and your baby are totally mobile: you can take your little one everywhere with you. You can use the zippy stroller inside a busy store, coffee shop or restaurant without having to disturb people to let you go through. There is no reason to stay inside when you can enjoy all your favorite activities and the company of your little one in the same time.


Zippy Stroller, Perfect For Long Drives Or Travels

If you are planning your fist holiday as a family, a zippy stroller is the one thing you can’t leave at home. The accessory of smart and active parents, a zippy stroller fits the trunk of any car, leaving a lot of space for your luggage. The stroller allows you to pack it simply by pulling a handle. You can have it ready for your baby or back in the car in just a few seconds. Also, if you are flying, you can put it with your other luggage or even take it with you on the plane. A good idea, when you are planning a holiday with your baby, is to ask the airline company if you can have the zippy stroller in the plane, with you, or if you must send it to the luggage compartment. This can vary from one company to the other. When you reach to your destination, the zippy stroller will prove to be just the thing you need. When you are in a holiday, you walk around a lot, sightseeing and visiting museums and so on. With the zippy stroller around, you can spend hours outside with your baby, and neither of you will be tired or bored.

Shopping for baby items can be tricky. You might be tempted to buy a big, heavy stroller. Well, if you are an active parent and you want to enjoy your time outside, with your baby, a zippy stroller is the right option for you. Inexpensive, light and easy to use, it has all the qualities you expect from a sport stroller. It’s suitable both for babies and toddlers, so you will be able to use it for as long as you need it.