"Grass? I'm not drinking grass." It's a fairly standard, completely natural reaction to the suggestion "How about a shot of wheatgrass to set you up for the day ahead?"

Would you still think that if you knew that one 30ml shot of the juice of the wheatgrass plant can fill you with energy, life and vitality? Anyway, you're right - I'm not advocating eating it, but drinking it. Wheatgrass is no ordinary grass. Don't worry, I don't expect to see you out in the fields with a few bovine companions mowing the lawn - wheatgrass juice can be purchased online or in health food stores. You can also grown your own, which is a very cost-effective way of keeping yourself in tip-top shape.

So, what are the benefits of this superfood? Well, it's one of the most complex and complete natural foods in existence with more than 20 different amino acids, over 90 different minerals, vitamins A, B, D, E and K and is also rich in protein. What does that mean for the average punter?

It means that you should feel a noticeable increase in energy levels after only one shot, which should become apparent very quickly after being consumed (usually within 20 minutes). If you're feeling a little run down or lethargic, a 30ml shot should be enough to perk you back up. Or if you are regularly experiencing tiredness, it's good idea to incorporate one shot each day in your daily routine. Try this for a week and you'll never look back.

At first some people can find the taste of wheatgrass a little surprising or different to what they are used to. It has a very strong flavour that is not unpleasant but may be unlike anything you have ever tried before. Lots of people take a few tries to get used to the flavour, but don't let that put you off as most people grow to love it and you will certainly love the benefits. One thing you could try if you're still unsure about it is mix it in with your favourite juice.

Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • detoxification
  • aids digestion
  • improves heart function
  • visible skin improvement
  • good for liver and colon
  • increased energy
  • lymphatic drainage
  • limits growth of unfriendly bacteria
  • aids weight loss
There are many benefits to drinking wheatgrass, but strangely for something that is so good for you it can be a little hard to track down. There are plenty of places online to buy powdered wheatgrass and some where you will find the frozen stuff, but there aren't many stores where you can buy it fresh. This is because wheatgrass juice is a very active and thus unstable product whose nutrients start to deteriorate as soon as it has been juiced.

To solve this problem, more and more consumers are growing their own wheatgrass at home with a single gear juicer. It is easy and cheap to buy wheatgrass seeds online and all you need is a small tray and either a small amount of soil or some moist cotton wool to grow it on. Another benefit of wheatgrass is that it grows very quickly and you should have a full harvest, ready to reap the benefits, within a week.