An old insurance agent once advised the owner of a fleet of vehicles how to reduce the overhead of his business with this statement – 'If you don't know where your vehicles are, you won't know how much money they are costing you.' In other words by having a moment-by-moment tracking of all your vehicles will help save your bottom line costs in wasted fuel, overhead driver's pay, and extra mileage on your vehicles. GPS vehicle tracking is a means that is worth its investment one hundred times over and more.

Sure the savvy owner of the freight trucking or transportation business can truly utilize the help that a tracking system can provide, but what about the average guy who doesn't own more than two cars? Would you like to be able to keep better track of your teenage driver? You can through the installation of a GPS vehicle tracking device in the car he or she drives. Your worries about where, when, and how fast will soon be over.

One of the bonuses of a GPS vehicle tracking system is the security of the vehicle which has it installed. Trucking firms have been able to reduce huge costs due to theft by using this modern age marvel. The average homeowner can appreciate the purchase of the GPS device if his car is ever stolen. Check out the system's online tracking to help locate the vehicle and then a quick call to the police and many times your car can be retrieved and the thieves apprehended within a few short hours.

The small business owner who provides a delivery service through his business can appreciate a real time GPS vehicle tracking system. Many systems available today have the capability to report the exact destination that your worker drove to, how many times the employee stopped the vehicle, and with some more elaborate systems, you can even know exactly how long the vehicle was stopped each time. There is also data sharing of speed through the automatic downloading capabilities in today's systems.

The cost of a GPS vehicle tracking varies a great deal. In the low range you may pay from $399 plus $38 per month for a single unit to $299 plus $20 per month for two or more units. This type of standard tracking system is able to give your vehicle location, speed, and heading in real-time twenty-four hours a day each day of the week. It has two-minute tracking reports and is certified by AT&T and T-Mobile networks.

The middle range of price will cost you for a single unit $599 plus $44 per month. If you obtain two or more units you can reduce your cost to $499 plus $30 per month. The improvement of service gives you thirty second tracking with ten-second history reports. Verizon Wireless certifies this service.

The upper range of GPS vehicle tracking will run you for one to three units $1,499 plus $50 per month. The service is comparable to what is given above, but the big difference is that this service is not bound by cellular phone coverage. It is a purer satellite vehicle tracking unit and you can expect complete coverage anywhere in the US and Canada.

GPS vehicle tracking is a serious business with some serious returns on the investment of a twenty-first century necessity in the real world of real-time transportation and freight.