There are literally a ton of materials that can be used to make a pair of shoes; although Italian leather is one of the most expensive materials, it is also one of the best ones! Buying a pair of Italian leather casual dress shoes will most definitely cost you more than a few extra dollars; however, you may be wondering if the enhanced quality will be worth the extra money! This is designed to open your eyes to the benefits of buying casual dress shoes that are made from Italian leather, and the best specific models so that you can make an educated decision as to whether or not it is worth it to purchase a pair!

White Dell Aldo Men’s-Less Than $40!

Some people think that white dress shoes are a thing of the past; however, those people definitely do not know how to contrast colors with each other. These Dell Aldo casual dress shoes are made from Italian leather, and are available for under $40; it is very rare to find any great pairs of shoes for under $100! If you need more convincing, I have seen them go on sale for $30, and even as low as $20 quite a few times!

If the dress shoes` astonishingly low price isn’t enough to sell you, then you should take a look at the unique design that they have used. There is a cool-looking cross embedded on the nose of this pair of shoes that will definitely complete the casual look that you are trying to portray. This casual pair of shoes would look absolutely phenomenal with a pair of light colored jeans!

Italian Leather Is Ridiculously Durable!

Ideally, a pair of shoes should be firm enough to support all of the areas of your foot while you are walking, and flexible enough to remain comfortable and give your feet some breathing room. One of the most amazing things about using Italian leather to make a pair of casual dress shoes is that they will possess both of these qualities!

In addition, this specific type of leather is extremely durable, and the dress shoes that are made from it will probably be able to withstand you running a marathon with them on! Pair this material up with some of the most durable rubber for the sole of the shoes, and you will have one of the best pairs of casual shoes on your feet!

Men’s DaVinci Woven Italian Leather

Although the price tag on this specific pair of shoes may be a little bit shocking, the craftsmanship and design will more than justify its price! Although a woven pattern will make a pair of dress shoes look stylishly casual, many people avoid buying shoes with woven Italian leather because they are afraid that the weave will either stretch or ruin.

To be honest with you, I had purchased an inexpensive pair of woven dress shoes that had ruined extremely quickly; however, you will get what you pay for when it comes to this DaVinci pair! Take a look at the DaVinci pair of woven Italian leather casual dress shoes if your budget is large enough to accommodate it, and I can guarantee you that you will be ecstatic with your purchase. To top it off, these shoes are available in both black and brown so that you can choose the color that will match the rest of your clothes and accessories.

Casual Dress Shoes That Are Made From Italian Leather Will Look Better Than A Pair Made From Any Other Material

As technology progresses, manufacturers gain the ability to make materials look like whatever they want them to! One example is how faux leather has progressed to the point of looking extremely close to real leather (from a distance). However, pairs of shoes that are made from other materials will not even come close to looking as amazing as the casual dress shoes that are made from Italian leather do!

This material has a glass that never fades, and does not scuff easily. Basically, you will have to actually try to scuff and ruin a pair of Italian leather casual dress shoes to make them look bad. Simply brushing the shoe up against the floor or a wall will not do any damage to it at all!

Le Pepe Women’s Over The Knee Casual Dress Boots

It is obvious why boots would cost a lot; they require much more material to product than shoes. However, these casual dress boots have a price tag that is extremely high, mainly because they are made from the finest Italian leather.

In addition, these Italian leather casual dress boots for women are designed in a unique manner that allows them to stand out from all of the other shoes and boots that other people will be wearing. The only downside to them is that they are only available in brown and black.

However, there are many benefits to wearing black dress shoes that you should be aware of. Knowing that this casual pair of dress boots, purchased in black, will match all of your other clothes will definitely make you consider them if they fall within your budget!

These Casual Dress Shoes Will Maintain That “Fresh” Look That Other Pairs Lose!

It is basically a combination of the minor scuffs and general fading of the material that cause a pair of dress shoes to lose their `new` or `fresh` look that they had when you had first purchased them. However, choosing  the right pair of Italian leather casual dress shoes will allow you to wear them over 100 times and still look brand spanking new!

You may be sceptical about this, but I have worn the exact same pair of casual dress shoes to work 5 days per week for well over 12 weeks (at the time of writing this), and they still look nearly as new as they looked when I had first purchased them! This is not because I had bought them from a very expensive designer brand name; however, it is because the pair of casual shoes are made from Italian leather. I had paid just over $80 from an ALDO retailer about 3 months ago, and I can say that they have DEFINITELY earned their purchase price!

Helle Comfort Dena Women’s Italian Leather Casual Betty Sandal

As was stated in the first paragraph, fine Italian leather casual dress shoes come at quite a hefty price. This pair of sandals is rather open, and they are dress shoes that are created by Helle Comfort. Although their price tag is near the $200 range, they would be the perfect Italian leather accessory to wear on a nice hot summer day.

A main concern of people wearing leather on a hot day is that their sweat will make the material fade; however, you must not worry about that with this pair of casual dress sandals because it will take LITERS of your sweat before the material even shows the slightest signs of fading. To top it off, these fine Italian sandals are available in both white and black models!