Why You Should Choose Ultralight Sleeping Bags

With all of the different types that are available, it is hard to understand why people would choose ultralight sleeping bags. Does this type of bag have some sort of magic power over the rest or are there simply many benefits that are associated with buying, and sleeping in ultralight sleeping bags? The answer is definitely the latter of the two. There are literally hundreds of reasons why you should choose ultralight sleeping bags; however, this article lists the most popular ones. This article was not designed to convince all of the readers to choose the lightweight bags over all of the rest; however, the majority of the people that are sitting on the fence about the subject matter will definitely make the choice to go with the lighter, and more comfortable option!

Choose Ultralight Sleeping Bags Because They Are Not As Heavy

Although there may be some benefits to having heavier bags, carrying around ultralight sleeping bags is significantly better when going on long trips that require you to carry them for an extended period of time. With the average model weighing in at less than 2 pounds, it is easy to see why you should choose it. Imagine hiking around the wilderness while you look for a camping ground with a 5 pound bag in your hands; now imagine doing that same hike with a bag that weighs less than a third of the previous one! Choose the ultralight sleeping bags, and save your arms from being overworked for no reason.

Choose Ultralight Sleeping Bags Because They Use Down Filling

This down filling is actually the main reason that ultralight sleeping bags are so lightweight. The down filling weighs significantly less than the filling that is used in conventional sleeping bags. In addition to weighing less, the down filling that is used is extremely comfortable; this is mainly because the material is able to flex easily, and conform to the contours of your body with relative ease. Although down filling has more benefits, it is also more expensive; this is what ultimately contributes to the slight increase in price of these bags over conventional ones.

Choose Ultralight Sleeping Bags Because They Compress Smaller

The down filling that is used in ultralight sleeping bags allows the bag to compress into a smaller size. This means that it is easier to carry around because it weighs less than conventional models, and ends up being significantly smaller when it is entirely rolled up. Current technology has allowed down filling to be so compressible that the cushions are barely bigger than a basketball when they are completely rolled up; this allows these models to be more convenient in many ways.

Choose Ultralight Sleeping Bags Because They Are Better For Hot Environments

Although those conventional 5 pound bags may be awesome for environments that boast temperatures of 0 degrees farenheight, they are absolutely horrible for hot environments. However, these ultralight sleeping bags are amazing for those same hot environments that the conventional ones fail in. This is mainly because they are significantly thinner, and use less material to fill the cushion with. Conventional models will leave you sweating through the night, and defeating the purpose of the bag by crawling out of it due to heat; however, these models allow you to sleep peacefully in an environment that allows your body to stay at a comfortable heat level.

Choose Ultralight Sleeping Bags Because They Are Not That Much More Expensive

The best thing about ultralight sleeping bags is that they are not that much more expensive considering the benefits that they have over conventional models. One would think that with all of these added benefits and features these models would cost a lot more than the conventional models; however, they do not cost that much more. Many people automatically assume that these models are at least 50 % more expensive; however, if more people were to do the appropriate research, then many more individuals would definitely choose to buy these models over the conventional ones.

Many people avoid considering any of these models because they have been misinformed or misguided as to what they are, and the features that they possess. However, with the proper knowledge and information being presented to them, many people will be able to see that there are many benefits and reasons to choose ultralight sleeping bags over the conventional models that people commonly use. This article is designed to inform you of the true facts about these bags, and the reasons that you should take them into consideration the next time that you are about to make a purchase. Use this information to make an effective choice the next time that you visit your local camping store, and you will surely be satisfied with the purchase that you will have made.