Portraying a casual look while wearing a pair of dress shoes is not done very easily; however, certain types of shoes allow it to be accomplished with relative ease. Casual dress shoes with a wedge are a type that allow a person to wear a pair, while looking as casual as possible.

There is simply something about a wedge that allows the person to look very casual, while still looking formal enough to attend a friend’s wedding or nephew’s communion. Looking casual is all about both looking and feeling relaxed; wedges allow for both of these things to take place. Wedges are extremely comfortable, and will allow you to have the “relaxed” look on your face and you glide across the floor. You can wear casual-looking clothes; however, you will not be able to look casual unless you feel relaxed.

This article is designed to provide you with some of the reasons to consider wedge dress shoes to look casual, as well as the top models to consider. Use this information effectively, and you will surely love the new pair of shoes that you buy.

Steve Madden Catalena Sandals With A Wedge

Nothing will allow you to look vibrant on a hot summer day more than a pair of casual dress sandals with a wedge. Steve Madden has developed a reputation for producing some amazing pairs of shoes that are extremely durable; however, you will rarely find pairs with that brand name being sold for under $100.

The Steve Madden Catalena sandals are absolutely open, and would allow you to feel absolutely comfortable and casual at a formal occasion during the summer. The only downside is that they can only be worn during the summer months because they are so open.

Casual Dress Shoes With A Wedge Will Provide You With More Support Than Heels

Although a nice pair of heels look absolutely amazing on women, they do not offer a ton of support for their feet. When weight is applied to an object, all of the pressure is spread among the surface area that is touching the ground. In the case of high heels, half of your weight would be pinpointed onto the part of the heel that touches the ground and is only 1 cm in diameter; this will definitely cause discomfort, and a lack of support.

However, choosing a pair of wedges for the casual dress shoes that you wish to buy will allow the weight to be distributed over a larger surface area. Not only will this allow for more comfort, but it will also provide the person with much more support than heels. There are obviously a ton of benefits of choosing black shoes, and selecting a black pair with a wedge will allow you to wear them with any other colors, and feel absolutely supported by the soles.

Calvin Klein Blaire Espadrille Casual Dress Sandals With A Wedge

I believe that the color of these allows them to look more casual than formal; the light taupe colors also allow them to be perfectly suited for a hot and sunny day. They are a little bit pricey at just under $100; however, you know that they are durable and will last for a long time simply because they are dress shoes that are made by Calvin Klein.

The wedge on these casual dress shoes is rather high, and they would be better suited for shorter women that would like to gain a few inches in height. Taller women that are insecure about their height should avoid these because it will make them look substantially taller than they are; however, if you are 5 feet 2 inches and would like to look 5 feet 5 inches tall, these would be the perfect purchase for you are just under $100.

These Pairs of Wedges Will Last Much Longer Than Heels!

Part of the reason that shoes with heels get ruined so easily and quickly is because of that sizeable open space that stands between the actual heel and the front of the shoe. Humans are accustomed to walking on flat surface that does not have a large gap between the heel and the toe (our feet), so walking on an elevated surface with a large gap is bound to solve some problems.

Casual dress shoes with wedges will last much longer than heels because they are less prone to being damaged. It is not that the material is much stronger because the cork that is used in most wedges is actually weaker than the wood that is used in heels. However, they are less prone to the actual person damaging them through their walking.

For instance, many women will find themselves lodging their heels against the curb when they are taking a step up onto an elevated surface; this would never happen with wedges!

Anne Klein Billow Casual Dress Shoes With A Wedge

There is something about this pair of shoes that simply looks cute! It is a mix between the small wedge that they have, and the unique design at the toe of the shoe. The unique thing about these casual dress shoes with a heel is that they will look amazing on the woman, regardless of the other clothes that they are wearing.

This basically allows this pair of dress shoes to have a universal feature that allows the individual to wear them with light jeans, dark jeans, dress pants, or shorts and still look ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! In addition, they are made by a reputable brand and are very durable; this means that they will last when you choose to wear them with all of those different clothes.

Casual Dress Shoes With A Wedge Are Inexpensive In Comparison To Other Types Of Shoes

Of course it would be wrong to generalize and say that all wedges are cheaper than all other types of shoes; however, the majority of the pairs of wedges that you will find for sale will have a substantially cheaper price tag than the flats and heels that you see.

A prime rule in business is that the popularity of the product will determine its price over a long period of time. A more popular product will make more profit, which will give the company the buying power to buy more material at once, which will ultimately reduce their manufacturing cost, and then reduce their retail price tag. Many people have become aware of the benefits to wearing dress shoes with a wedge, and their sales have increased substantially over the past few years. This has allowed the manufacturers to decrease the price in the manner that was listed above.