Why you should collect United States large cents is an article that will let you in on a few good reasons to get into the numismatic hobby of collecting United States large cents. There are now opportunities opening up within this area of collecting. getting in now could show a very significant financial gain for anyone who is smart enough to jump on this high speed bandwagon and grab a piece of the upcoming action.

For two hundred years and more people from all over the world have been collecting these half dollar size copper coins. Examples have been disappearing each day into the dark closets and safety deposit box that they keep their coin collection in.

Large cents as a general rule were produced in very limited numbers to start with and the fact that over two hundred years of global collecting has occurred means that many struck coins are no longer even available. As time goes on, more and more issues are becoming non collectible. Even as we speak the amount of coins listed for sale from this category on eBay is dwindling. I have watched these numbers go down significantly over the past few years and I've also watch the prices realized increase proportionately with time.

Why You Should Collect United States Large cents NowThis doesn't even take into account how many coins were melted for copper or lost or damaged beyond collectible condition. For a limited commodity to then have its numbers desecrated such as these coins have seen, along with the invention of the Internet, the United States coin market has exploded. Websites like PCGS and others, who post daily trends for all US coins, are showing mostly green up arrows for every copper large cent the United States ever produced. This isn't going to subside for some time.

When the Internet opened up the US numismatic market to the globe, it not only expanded an already huge collector base, it added another ingredient to the mix. Investors, the ones that come in and buy up every thing in their path. US coins are no exception as the potential for a good profit reselling these coins is an attractive motivation for these people.

In the past few years, investment advisers and stock brokers have jumped on the bandwagon and some now recommend this type of investment to clients, setting up a 401-k, or just trying to diversify. This action has further depleted the market of exceptionally high grade examples. Collecting US large cents in uncirculated condition has become a rich man's game and will never again be an average collectors pastime. The coins have just become too expensive.

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Traditionally, US large cents have been a great hedge against inflation. By climbing in price faster then the economy grows, they offer a profit oriented investment. Who knew that once was a fun hobby to do with the kids could make the move into the financial circles of millionaires.

Collecting United States large cents is definitely a rewarding hobby. Filling in that last hole in a type set, or getting that last year to complete a series, will give you a satisfying feeling of a difficult task successfully completed. It will also give you the good feeling of knowing you made a wise investment.

1797 Draped Bust Large CentCredit: DreamakerWith all of these new developments and a dwindling supply, everyone who has an interest in US large cents should get a move on. If you have a set in progress, waiting will only make the price larger to complete the set. If your going to get in new, then you had better do it quick, or plan on spending a large fortune to acquire any worthwhile coins.

The early years for the series have all but disappeared already. Some short runs, (years with low production numbers) are now non-collectable. Simply put there aren't any left. This means that completing a set with these coins in it will now be impossible without coaxing one out of an existing set. That's where the bang for your buck comes in. As these coins disappear into collections, the ones you own will become more valuable to a multitude of new collectors as well as this new investor base.

Try to stay away from low grade coins and buy only quality high graded coins. Use discretion when purchasing coins for investment. Having any high priced coin appraised and certified is always recommended. There are several prominent grading companies available and they will all encapsulate the coin and assign it a grade. This makes selling the coin when your ready a lot easier.

Color and grade are two attributes that should be well matched when you assemble any set of coins. You must look at the whole picture. What will the set look like when the coins are all snuggled next to each other in an album? You want a nice ascetically matched set. This will bring the best return at resale.

Never clean a United States large cent, or any collectible coin for that matter. You are guaranteed to ruin the value of the coin. Cleaning coins should only be undertaken by an expert and even these guys will tell you just do not do it. Coins hate moisture and any rubbing even with your fingers will hurt the value. Copper coins are extremely susceptible to the acid in human skin and even your breath can damage them.

Poly holders are available, as well as great harmless coin albums, to store any numismatic collectible. These are made with inert materials specifically for this job. Spending a few extra bucks to maintain the value of your collection will pay off in the long run. When you go to sell your collection you would like it to still be in the same condition as when you purchased it.

Why you should collect United States large cents now becomes really easy to see after thinking about all the new customers entering the game. This is a limited commodity in an exploding market and there is a lot of money to be made. Unfortunately for some, they won't find this article fast enough.