If you have been with the same energy company for many years you are either very happy with the service and prices you get from them, or the benefits of comparing energy companies and switching to another company if necessary, have not been pointed out to you. There are several very good reasons why you should compare energy companies and switch to a different provider if necessary.

Deregulation and Increased Competition

The energy market was deregulated for generation and supply of electricity in stages between 1990 and 1998 which introduced a lot of competition into the market. Whereas before 1998 there was just a handful of supply companies that had a stranglehold on the market, deregulation allowed new suppliers to come in and offer more competitive prices and higher levels of customer service.

With increased competition and greater choice, the general public needed a way of being informed about what was on offer in terms of prices and tariffs and also to be able to compare energy companies and find the cheapest and best supplier. The simplest and most accessible solution turned out to be the energy comparison websites that are now widely available online.

Comparison Between Suppliers Made Easy

An energy comparison website provides a simple online interface in which you enter a few details about where you live, how you wish to pay and what tariff you are on, to search the latest price feeds from all of the licensed suppliers and find the best prices available. In the majority of cases, it is highly likely that a better deal can be found for you which will reduce your energy bills. Not only is this a very easy way of sorting through the wide range of choices available to you, but the energy comparison websites also provide an easy way for you to start the process of switching energy companies without even leaving the site.

Customer Satisfaction Ratings.

However, in addition to pricing, there are other factors to consider when switching energy companies. One of the most important of these is the level of customer service offered. This is reflected in a customer satisfaction rating and once again, the energy switching websites gather all of the customer satisfaction information available and present this to help you compare suppliers.

Switching is Simple

The difference between supply and distribution is that distribution is still regulated and independent of supply. The distribution companies have a duty to maintain the supply network to facilitate competition among suppliers. This means that when you decide to switch energy supplier you do not need any sort of practical installation. The way you receive your supply does not change. You receive the same gas or the same electricity through the same pipes and cables. As far as you are concerned, all that changes is the name at the top of your bill, the price you pay and the level of customer service you receive should any issues arise.

Comparing energy companies to find cheaper gas and electricity has never been easier and in most cases, will give you peace of mind in the knowledge that you have secured the best price available. Because it is now so easy to compare energy companies and switch to a different supplier, you should repeat the comparison process every year to make sure that you continue to get your supply at the most competitive price.

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