In this world, there are many ways that you can express yourself with blogging being one of them.  Many people from all walks of life have started blog to share their words with the world. So this would leave the question of why don’t you start doing this.

Alright, the real question that you are probably thinking is why you should consider blogging as opposed to spending time doing other things. The truth is that there are many great and wonderful reasons that you should be blogging.

Most people get started for a combination of reasons below. You can even change your reasons and your plans as you go. So let’s find what is going to be your driving force to get you posting every day.

Getting Creative

Do you remember those writing course back in school when you got show off your creativity? Of course you do. You are probably thinking that you loved those days when you got to put a pen to paper and just express yourself. Well just because you are no longer in school, it does not mean that you can not do this.

A creative blog that showcases whatever writing styles that you love. Whether you are a poet or maybe you love to write short stories, you can create posts with these.

Share What You Know

Blogging can just be about sharing information that you know with others. Perhaps you have been gardening for ages and love telling your friends about the different plants that you have grown. Why not create a blog so that you can share this wealth of information with the entire world.

Hobbies and things that you do every day can easily turn into topics to start blogging on. Even if you are not an expert of the topic, you can write about it. Perhaps sharing your journey to learning about a new craft or how to do something is something that you can do.

Champion a Cause

There are plenty of great charities and causes that are worthy of getting your help. Raising money for charities, helping others is a great reason to be blogging. You can even have multiple sites based on the many topics that you are passionate about.

Making Money Blogging

It is time to get down to business. Yes, blogging can be a business. There are people who earn a full time income from posting content online. Now you might just want to make a part time income for yourself.


The number of ways to get some cash in your pocket is great. There is posting ads on the site and earning revenue through them. Affiliate marketing and selling your own products are other ways to go. It is all about finding what works for you and your topic and going with it.


Blogging is not just for those that are computer geeks and could write programming to have your system doing anything. You too can create a blog and start posting in just a matter of an hour or two. This is especially true if you already know what you want to be writing about. So take the important steps now to get yourself your own blog and get writing.