The web developer toolbar is packed with features that can be useful in any SEO campaign. The toolbar makes it easier to diagnose a variety of SEO issues. By making it easier to see what works and what doesn't, the toolbar identifies problems so they can be corrected. Consider the following 5 ways the web developer toolbar can help SEO.

  1. Robot Browsing
  2. Turn off Javascript and cookies, and you can then browse your site as it's seen by web robots. This change makes it easy to spot site architecture issues so they can be fixed. View your site from the vantage point of robots to spot the problems that are holding you back.

  3. See What the Spiders See
  4. The toolbar can be used to turn off styles and images so you can gain a hardcore spider emulation experience and see the site as it really is. Previously cloaked text will suddenly appear, for example, or you can spot heading issues easier to get problems addressed. The toolbar highlights important website issues by showing you the site as the spiders would view it.

    Meta redirects are treated differently by different spiders, but it's much easier to diagnose then when they've been turned off. If you need help designing your site with relevant metadata, contact a top San Diego web designer to help you get the most from your site.

  5. Validation and Best Practices
  6. The toolbar provides easy access to code validation tools such as HTML, RSS and CSS validation. You have the option to highlight those links without title attributes, or you can highlight images with missing or blank alt attributes.

  7. Makes Web Page Screen Captures Much Easier
  8. There are many times you need a screen capture, but then you are left with the pages that show how you got there in the first place. Hide these pages by clicking on 'Miscellaneous &rarr Visited Links &rarr Mark All Links Unvisited' to remove any visited style links from the page for a cleaner screen capture.

  9. Easier to be Anonymous
  10. You should hide your referrer settings while browsing so that you can prevent your competition from realizing you are snooping. The web developer toolbar makes this an easy function with a simple click on 'Disable &rarr Disable Referrers' so you can be anonymous when you search the web.