You've heard your entire life, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." But is this really true? Can apples really be that good for you? Well, they are praised as being a "miracle food," and they almost always make 'The Top 10 Healthiest Foods' list. Here's why.

1. Prevents Cancers

Researchers have found that apple peel has strong anti-growth activities against cancer cells in the liver, colon and breasts. Scientists have found that the antioxidant, Procyanidin, actually kills cancer cells. A recent study from Finland, in which 10,000 men and women took part in, showed a huge relationship between higher intake of flavonoids and lower growth of lung cancer. Studies with rats have been done in which the rats were given known mammary carcinogens. The number of tumors was reduced by 25% with the rats that had an equivalent to one apple a day and 61% with the rats that had an equivalent to three apples a day. 

2. Hearth Health

High levels of bad cholesterol can harden your arteries, leading to a heart attack or stroke. Thanks to their high amount of pectins, apples help lower your amount of bad cholesterol, thus preventing a heart attack or stroke. They also improve function of the blood vessels, making them very good for your heart. Also, the high level of flavonoids and fiber has been proven to lower your risk for heart disease. 

3. Lose Weight

Apples are a “negative calorie” food. This means that if your apple has about 75 calories in it, you actually burn more calories by eating it than you actually receive from the apple itself. This is one reason they help you lose weight. Apples also contain non-digestible compounds which promote growth of good bacteria in your stomach. This helps aid with keeping the pounds off. Because of the high amount of fiber found in apples, they will help you to feel full longer, therefore preventing you from overeating. 

4. Your Skin

Apples contain nutrients including Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Copper which are all good for nourishing your skin. Vitamin C helps you make more collagen which is a crucial component of your skin and helps maintain it's waterproof barrier. Vitamin A prevents premature aging of the skin. And Copper is an essential mineral for healthy skin, commonly found in expensive beauty products. Copper helps you make Melanin which protects you from the sun's ultraviolet rays, once again, preventing premature aging of the skin.

5. Hair Growth

Apples are rich in Vitamin B-2, commonly known to help hair grow faster. Apples also contain Vitamin E which helps in blood circulation of the scalp, making hair grow faster. The minerals in apples like Copper, Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium also help prevent hair loss and help you have a healthy scalp. Lastly, Vitamin B-6 produces Melanin which will aid in giving your hair a healthy color. 

So you've heard it said all your life, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." Now you know that is a fact. 

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