No matter what your gender, exfoliation can do your skin a world of good.

You hear about exfoliation but do not understand why you should do it. Your skin has a natural process to shed those dead cells, right? Well, not exactly. Taking an extra couple minutes to exfoliate properly twice per week has huge benefits.

Keep Your Skin Healthy

If you allow dead cells to build up long-term it can make your skin less healthy. These build ups will affect the normal process of making new skin cells to replace the old because the old cells are still there. This can lead to dry, patchy skin especially in areas you might forget about like the jaw line or underneath your chin. Built up dry skin cells are also more uncomfortable and can lead to itchiness and other discomfort. Moisturizing is good, but if you moisturize over dead skin cells less of the hydration penetrates through the dead skin. If you moisturize over the built up dead cells, it may feel like you need more moisturizer soon after you first apply it.

Fade Dark Spots over Time

If you regularly exfoliate , it takes away the top layers of dead skin cells. Any discoloration you have that is caused by increased melanin in the skin can be faded or removed completely depending on the severity of the discoloration. Regular exfoliation is two times per week, not once a month or when you remember. If you do not consistently exfoliate your skin, you will not see marked improvement in your dark spots unless you are using other products meant just for minimizing those spots.

Minimize Acne Breakouts

There are three ingredients required to cause acne, dead skin cells, oil and bacteria. If you exfoliate twice per week, there is less time for dead skin cells to build up meaning one of the three crucial ingredients in creating acne is in short supply. Even if you have active acne blemishes there are exfoliants that are safe for your skin. The exfoliating ingredient you should avoid if you have active breakouts is glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is a great exfoliator, but it can irritate open skin like active acne blemishes and cuts from razors. There are other good exfoliating options if you are concerned about glycolic acid. Look for lactic acid or salicylic acid depending on what type of exfoliating you need. Salicylic acid can go into your skin’s pores and exfoliate what is in them, making it particularly effective for acne.

Keep Your Complexion Glowing

If your skin is dull during the winter months, it probably has something to do with the season, but is also partly caused by a buildup of dead skin cells. If you exfoliate your skin on a regular basis, it will help you keep up a healthy glow, making you look more vibrant and youthful. When your skin is glowing and radiant you will look and feel better. Effective exfoliation takes away dead skin cells but also increases blood flow to your skin, which provides the nutrients your cells need to create more healthy cells that will surface in the following weeks. It truly is a win-win scenario.