Why Breeding is NOT a Good Idea

And Why You Should Fix Your Furry Friends


Puppies are adorable. They're cuddly, sweet, playful, and almost everyone seems to agree that they're a fuzzball of fun. However, so is your dog. The number one importance should be the health of your current, living dog(s), and naturally for them, the more they breed and have litters, the more likely it will be that their lifespan reduces. 

Through the process of labor, hormone levels will constantly fluctuate and stay inconsistent. Not only that, but having a litter of pups for a female dog will take a massive amount of energy out of her, and will be a significant factor contributing to a potentially shorter lifespan. 


Producing litters and going through the entire process of it is not necessarily the cleanest job or work. You'll need a place for your girl when the time comes (which will not always be easy), and once the litter arrives, BAM. You've got about 2-16 pups (depending on the breed of your dog and her pups) to take care of for until they're a couple of weeks/months old. 

Having a male dog does not make it any better. If he is not fixed, he will most likely be going through his "proactive moments", which is not exactly the best sight for your guests and family members. Also, he will want to claim as much territory as he can, so it will make it easier for him to be tempted to go number one all over the house or outside when you want to have a peaceful and uninterrupted walk with him (which won't be very possible if he is tempted to claim the entire land as his territory). 


Especially for those who are not spaying/fixing their companions for the sake of money: think outside the box and your world. Sure, you'll maybe save some money by not fixing your pet in terms of the surgical cost, but in the long-run, karma will slap you hard on the back. Aside from all the mentioned consequences, think about the possible outcomes of your future litter's lives. There are already so many dogs and pups in pounds and shelters all over the world, and your litter won't doing much benefit to the environment at all. What if not ALL your pups sell? What if almost none do? Where will they go? That's when you'll face desperate measures: it's the pound or you take care of what you were responsible for. Also, the amount of money it takes to feed, nurture, and keep your entire litter healthy may cost more than what you earn in the end. 

Just Not a Good Idea

Just fix your furry friends. It will do a lot more good than not doing it, and you will not regret it. There's no rational reason for you not wanting to, unless it's because you're debating on whether you should mate your dog(s) for a litter, which all the consequences of doing so has already been mentioned. 

So for the sake of yourself, your furry companion, your almost possible future litters' lives, overall sanitation, and the world, fix/spay your tail-wagging companions!