The crib protector is very important, especially as your baby starts growing. When your baby reaches five or six months of age, he or she will be able to sit and will start trying to stand. Of course, this means a lot of rolling, falling and hitting on the sides of the crib. To protect your baby from serious accidents, it’s very important to install the crib protector to pad all the sides of the crib. When the babies become physically active and move their arms and legs a lot, it take sonly a few seconds to stuck their limbs between the rails of the crib. Also, if the have access to those rails, they will use the rails to stand and even to climb over the side of the crib. It’s mandatory to install the crib protector from the moment when your baby starts rolling from one side to the other. Once they reach this point, babies develop their physical abilities very fats and you don’t want to be taken by surprise. Most of the bedding sets come with a bumper included. However, not always those bumpers are truly reliable. If you want something truly reliable, you should buy a crib protector made or thick foam, completed by a good quality detachable cover.


Crib Protector From Chewing

Not only that your baby will try to climb on the crib, but he or she will also chew on the crib, as soon as the first teeth appear. Of course, this is very hazardous for the baby, because small splits of wood or varnish can get into his or her mouth, hurting the gums and the tongue. When babies start standing up and they reach the main horizontal rail, they do a lot of chewing on it. You can prevent that by installing a crib protector from chewing. The ones made of soft silicone are the most efficient. They are also easier to clean and sterilize.


Crib Protector From Cats

When they bring their newborns home, parents who are also cat owners are worried that the pets might climb inside the crib. To prevent that from happening, you can buy a tent-like protector, which will keep the cats outside the crib. Those net tents are to be mounted on the top rails of the crib, covering it completely, but in the same time allowing light and air to keep circulating without any problems. They are great not only for keeping the cats or other pets away, but also for preventing your toddler from climbing out from the crib. They are quite inexpensive, so it’s really worth it buying one, for your peace of mind. Most cats won’t climb inside the bay’s crib – on the contrary, they can be very gentle around newborns. However, freak accidents involving cats and babies ere reported, so make sure you take all necessary precautions with your baby.


Crib Protector Sheet

Fortunately, diapers protect the crib and the mattress pretty efficiently from moisture through the night. However, sometimes accidents occur, a diaper gets loose and the mattress can get seriously wet. If this happens, it will be pretty hard to clean and to dry the mattress in time for your baby to use again. Most likely you will have to buy a new one. To avoid spending a lot of money on mattresses, you should buy an inexpensive accessory, such a crib protector sheet. They are made of waterproof fabrics and they come under the regular sheet, keeping your expensive mattress away from moisture. You can find a lot of waterproof crib mattress online, at very affordable prices. They are extremely useful when you will start potty training with your little one.


Crib Protector For Convertible Cribs

You can buy a crib protector for your convertible crib too. Convertible cribs generally have the sides made of textile fabric, so you don’t need protection in that area. Convertible cribs are smaller than regular cribs. If you are worried that your baby might climb out of the crib, you can buy a tent-like protector, to install on top of it.  They are also very efficient in protection your baby from insects and even from the pets. If you use the crib outside, those protectors act like sunshades.