Why You Should Get Last.fm

Cool features in Last.fm

Through all of the different social networking mediums that are in existence, I would recommend Last.fm above all of the others.  While I do enjoy Twitter, and seemingly kill endless hours absorbed into the bland world of Facebook, Last.fm completely trumps both of them.  Last.fm is not entirely a social network, as it's main functionality comes through the use of music.


Music is the driving force behind Last.fm's substance.  It calculates every song you've ever played by integrating the number of times you've listened to a specific song in iTunes or Windows media, and "scrobbles" the tracks.  It then compiles a list of all of the songs you've listened to, and offers you a list of which songs, albums, and artists you've listened to from greatest to least.  It also ties in directly with the music on your Mp3 player, so that every time you plug it in, it calculates the specific songs you've listened to, into its system.

On each specific persons Last.fm profile, it calculates your music compatibility with them, based on the songs you've listened to yourself.  If you go to a friends Last.Fm profile, and you each have a very similar taste in music, it will tell you how similar your tastes are.  It somewhat does this with each artist you enjoy as well.  Say you are a fan of Conor Oberst and you go to his artists page, you will discover a detailed article explaining the history of the artist.  You will also find a list of similar musical artists that all share a common sound, along with which specific songs of his have been listened to the most amongst fans.  There's also a store on each Last.fm artist's page, along with a wall similar to Facebook's, where you can write messages concerning the artist.

Where it keeps track of your top listened to songs, albums, and artists, it offers several different music suggestions.  It takes the information that it's acquired, and recommends what else you might like, based on that information.  It offers a giant list of several new bands and musicians that you also might like, based on the fact that they sound similar to an artist that you are very fond of.  It also offers new album suggestions, based on artists that you've listened to, that have released new albums that you've not listened to.  This is a good way to find new music through Last.fm.

Another good way to discover new music, is to use their free radio option.  Last.fm radio works very similar to Pandora, in that you can type in an artist's name, and the radio station will stream songs from that artist, along with different music from other similar sounding bands.  This is a good way to discover new artists that you may not have known about.  Last.fm radio is also good, because it's free and a good way to listen to your favorite bands.  

There are several other awesome features that Last.fm offers.  It has a messaging feature, a free song download feature, a "nearby events" (concerts and music festivals nearby) feature, as well as several other great things.  There are so many different positives with Last.fm, and I highly recommend it.