Why you should get Windows 7

Windows 7 is the newest operating system from Microsoft. As soon as Windows 7 came out, many consumers waited in line for hours to get a copy of the new operating system. With all the new gadgets and features Windows 7 has to offer, it's a great updated version of Windows. This list will provide you with the top five awesome features that Windows 7 has to offer.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Have Windows 7

It Offers Amazing Themes and Personalize Feature. One of the greatest things about Windows 7 is the features and themes it has to offer to personalize your computer solely for you. With interactive changing desktops, to the specialized themes you can download, not to mention the themes that come with Windows 7 immediately, it feels ultimately like it was made for you. Not only does Windows 7 has great themes, but it also has many gadgets that you can add to your desktop. Some of these features include real-time weather and news, as well as a google search right on your desktop. 

Offers a Popup Window View. With the older versions of Windows, you had to actually click on tabs and windows at the bottom of your task bar to view your window, now with Windows 7, you can instantly mouse over the program and view the screen. It's amazing how much more productive this can be, especially if you work online.

It Has User Friendly System Tools. Another great thing about Windows 7 is the newer system tools to help your computer run better. The disk defrag is tons faster and more effective as well as the restoring and restore point rescue system. This helps keep your computer running very smoothly.

Offers Sticky Notes and to Do Lists. We all need reminders, and Windows 7 makes it so much easier now. The new operating system comes with it's own sticky note feature. You can instantly create a sticky on your desktop that stays there until you remove it to remind you of important dates and tasks.

Runs Smoothly and Doesn't Have Clutter. One thing that is very impressive about Windows 7 is the fact that the operating system itself is very blunt. You don't get tons of extra features, but it makes for a clean break. It's refreshing without overloading your hard drive with tons of features. It's definitely the best operating system on the market right now.