A soft sofa can really be very comfortable. It always seems like you have to either pick style or comfort but that doesn't have to be the case. You can really get the best of both worlds. Your spouses' only requirement might only be that you get a very comfortable sofa. This allows you to work in a lot of different parameters and can work with all different kinds of design styles.

You'll really want to consider the stuffing and material. When you go shopping all of the sofas might feel the same. However, when you actually get it home and live with it for a few months the cheaper style sofas can get lumpy and just be very uncomfortable.

This is especially true if you are going for a modern or contemporary style couch. Known for their straight liens they can also be quite stiff to sit on. A good way around this is to go with quality. Even if just the back pillows are filled with down it can really make a big difference. Find one with a chaise lounge or just move up a really big ottoman against it just so you can put up your feet. This is important just because this style of sofa often has a very low back to it.

Then there are the kinds of sofas that may look awful but they are totally comfortable. This can lead to a lot of family fights especially if your family has finally broken it in just to their liking and you want to get rid of it. This is one of those cases where you are just going to need to compromise. There are certain brand names like La-Z-Boy which are kind of world renown for their comfort. In this case you should really find a piece that is also fashionable. You might just associate this brand with recliners. However, even their reclines have gotten a lot more stylish so they resemble more of a club chair.

Details can really give you a personal stamp on your furniture. However, this can be quite uncomfortable. .You might just want to skip tufting or a lot of stitching on the pillows themselves. Instead go for more of an uninterrupted design. You can always make an impact with the color, or pattern. You could even find a couch with nail head trim around the bottom or just very intricate or oversized legs. This is the perfect balance between style and comfort.

Another consideration is the overall fabric choice that you make. This will be soft to the touch but it can also give you the opportunity to add a lot of beautiful texture to your room even if you do just go with a basic color such as brown. Microfiber and velvet are very soft to the touch. It really just depends on what you can find available in your price range. Right now different versions of faux suede are very easy to access even if you are in the lower price ranges just because it is in such high demand.

You could also go with a chenille fabric. This is a little bit more difficult to clean and care for so it might not be ideal if you have kids and pets. Also, it was popular a few years ago and then went out of style for micro suede. This means that you'll really have to work hard to update it. It used to appear in a lot of colors like navy and hunter green that were heavy on the drama. Instead you should try and go for a very basic color of sofa. It doesn't even have to be the star of the room. If you do want a little bit of personality then just find a neutral color that is slightly different than what most people are used to seeing. You could go with a tan with a little bit of yellow in it so it looks gold. This will be very warm and welcoming. This is really a gathering place for your entire family. Of course it also needs to be fancy enough to impress your guests.

Nothing is worse then when you go to sit down on a really comfortable sofa and you just kind of fall into it and think "That's it?" Then you just have to go along with it and keep the conversation going even though your back is hurting. A really comfort and quality sofa can be a little bit more money but both your families and guests will thank you later. Plus, this kind of furniture will be loved and last for a long time so it can be worth it to you.

The arms are something that you might not really consider usually since it is such a small detail. You might like the very intricate and curved arms. These can seem very formal and traditional. It also adds a little bit of character. However, you'll really want to consider how you sit on the couch. It might be a little bit too high for you. Modern and contemporary sofas usually just have low arms or even no arms at all. Again it really just depends on your own personal preference.

Another thing you should pay attention to is the height of the back. This might not be an issue when you first go shopping and sit on it for a few minutes. However, if you were to sit down and watch TV for several hours the sofa might become more and more uncomfortable the longer that you sit there. In this case you'll probably want to go for a medium to high back. Lower backs can look very sleek and contemporary but it also won't give you a ton of support. If you do decide to go with one of these sofas make sure that it's long enough to lay down on so you can bring in the comfortable aspect that way. You can really have it all when you carefully consider all of the bigger purchases in your room both in size and price point.