Make Kenya Your Next Travel Destination

Three Reasons To Visit East Africa

East Africa is one of the most beautiful places on earth.  From the rich cultural history and tribal people to the sheer density of wildlife, Kenya is a truly unforgettable travel destination for relaxation or adventure.  Here are three reasons why you should consider Kenya for your next big trip:

The People

Samburu Warrior

From the stoic Maasai to the colorful Samburu, the people of Kenya are diverse, friendly, and knowledgeable.  No matter where you stay, your guides will most likely be locals, and you will come to understand a lifestyle and culture like no other.  The country is also imbedded with British tradition, which makes for an interesting and fun juxtaposition.  Imagine sipping tea at high noon while watching lion cubs wrestle with their siblings.

Maasai ChildrenCredit: Courtesy Aftab Uzzaman via flickr

At the end of your trip, you may want to spend some time in Nairobi at the Maasai Market where you can find all sorts of handmade items to bring home as collectibles or gifts.  Make sure to bargain with the vendors – not only do they expect this, but it’s also a blast!


The Wildlife

Lion CubsCredit: Courtesy fortherock via flickr

The Maasai Mara National Reserve covers over 580 square miles of grassland in the Rift Valley Province.  Drained by three major rivers, this vast ecosystem is home to several species of big cats, a variety of antelope, giant grey elephants, rhinoceros, two species of giraffe, hippopotamus, buffalo, crocodiles, and a vast array of fish, birds, rodents, amphibians and reptiles. 

On foot or in a truck, you can get surprisingly close to many of these animals.  You can spend an hour watching a pack of baboons play in a tree or park next to an energetic group of lion cubs.  You can hang out with a lazy cheetah getting some shade under a tree or sit by the river and observe the hippos swimming around – just don’t get too close!

ElephantCredit: Courtesy Riaan Labuschagne via flickr

Many of these animals are endangered, and there’s nothing quite like getting an up close and personal view (or interaction) with some of the world’s most majestic creatures.

The Lodges


You might be surprised at how luxurious some of your “camps” are.  An amazing juxtaposition is created when traditional British customs meet harsh African terrain.  You’ll find yourself playing cards or sipping English tea in an open-air lounge while a group of elephants in the distance slowly makes its way across the bush in search of water.

One night, you may stay in a tent on the ground next to a river, warmed by a handmade fire, while the next night you enjoy world-class amenities and a gourmet dinner.  From Sakub to Shompole, the lodges are simply amazing.

CottarsFrom the people and culture to the wildlife and lodges, Kenya is absolutely a must for any travel enthusiasts.  Make sure you choose a good travel agency and take all of the necessary health precautions.  Above all, enjoy your safari!