Decorative window film really seems quite dated. For the past few decades it's been out of vogue but it's recently come onto the design scene again. Of course, this is going to require that you use a much more updated version. Really these sleeker window treatments have been popular during the fast past few years. This means that a lot of people are just skipping the more traditional curtains and instead going for privacy. Of course the one disadvantage to this is that it's not like a curtain. You can't really take it on and off. Of course it is removable but it's also not made to do this on a daily basis. However, the great thing about this is that then you can get a lot of privacy but still get a little bit of light in your space. This is perfect for bathrooms or even higher windows where you just want a little bit of character.

One thing that we are seeing a lot of is more of a frosted glass. This can work in more of a contemporary design style. If you really want to keep it quite simple and go for something that's going to last just try an entire frosted glass piece. This can also be one of your less expensive options for decorative window films. It's the perfect privacy decorative window film. You can even match a lot of the cabinetry in your kitchen that might have frosted glass accents to it or even some of your furniture.

You can also really find stained glass decorative window film. In this case, you may want to go for more of a contemporary version. This is going to have a lot of different shapes and colors to it. It might not even depict an actual scene on it. This is important because the stained glass window films with the scenes are the ones that become dated the quickest. It might even remind you of your grandma's house. However, you can just change up this up by going with an all over pattern instead of a piece that is trying to mimic stained glass with a lot of borders. This is important because oftentimes the leading lines ensure that it doesn't look like stained glass if you just want to go for a colorful piece of art.

You can also really get more of a natural look which is important for any stained glass motif. It's always been popular but just going with a motif that we are seeing a lot in the contemporary world such as leaves or cherry blossoms is really going to combine two design styles. This can be one of your more expensive options, especially if you want a very convincing look that can also be the focal point of your entire room.

You can also use glass decorative window film as a way to update traditional window treatments. For instance, lace is something that we see a lot of in the shabby chic design styles. It's also quite traditional even though right now lace curtains seem a little bit fussy. In this case, you can instead, just turn it into a window film. This will be quite neutral, but it does still have a feminine pattern to it.