Going digital provides fans a way to get comic books they might not be able to get in the print version. Out of print comic books, as well as those that have been sold out at your favorite comic book store may be as close as your smart phone. One of the advantages to users is that you can focus on just one panel at a time. When you are reading a traditional comic book, there are times when your eye cannot help but move to the next panel, which means you may get the punch line before you are ready. However, when you read digital comic books, you have the luxury of concentrating on one panel at a time.

Many comic book fans are more willing to try out new comics in a digital format simply because they are cheaper than the traditional comic books. However, die-hard fans of the genre are quick to scoop up both versions of their favorites. They will purchase the comic book in a digital format and then buy the print version as well, especially if it is a collectible or one that they plan to save.

There’s a kinship among comic book fans that digital comics aren’t likely to replace, at least anytime soon. Comic book fans not only like to browse the selections at their favorite comic book stores, but they enjoy the camaraderie among other fans as well. They enjoy talking to store proprietors, especially at mom-and-pop stores about the latest editions. Still, many of these same fans admit they like the versatility that digital comic books provide. They like to browse the selection of independent comic book developers who have recently found a new home for their artistic talents.

While digital music and digital movies have had a tremendous impact on the industry, as evidenced by the bankruptcy filings of Borders and Blockbuster, it may be different with digital comics. While many fans have embraced the digital comic revolutions, die-hard fans won’t abandon the brick-and-mortar stores. While ordinary readers love the lower prices and the convenience of having their comic books with them wherever they go, serious collectors will continue to patronize their favorite retail establishments.

While it is a little early to predict the outcome digital comic books will have on the entire comic book industry, independent developers, such as the one who developed the indie comic series Dan in Space, are happy to have the chance to join the revolution.

Dan in Space
Credit: Josh Rudloff