Why Music Stands?

Band geeks of all ages know that there’s no skimping when it comes time to buying a music stand. They can regale you with stories of playing during junior high and high school performances with wobbly or bent stands, or ones that won’t hold the music just so. They can also tell you about knocking over stands with their instruments and stacking old ones back on the cart and having the tops come off. Not fun.

So, why should you care about music stands like the band geeks? Here are few reasons:

  • Music Scores are Changing – These days touring musicians are turning to their tablets and iPads to organize their music and keep track of their scores. Digital sheet music can be instantly downloaded to your tablet and iPad for instant access and easily categorized with the rest of your files. No more pencil marks or missing pages to deal with.


  • Intuitive Design - Using a bent or wobbly stand just won’t do and keeping your music in place is just as important as the performance itself. Newer stands are designed to hold larger scores for easy page turning and have a wide shelf to hold iPads and tablets.


  • Durability & Portability – Now days topstand producers like Manhasset are adapting their music stands to not only the musician’s needs, but to the type of instrument they play. One size doesn’t exactly fit all for a trombonist or a violist. Music stands are also becoming more portable and easy to carry and fold up easier for post-performance travelling.

Where to Buy?

Now that you know what the band and orchestra geeks look for in a music stand, where do you go buy one? There are many online options like Amazon, Guitar Center and Sonifly. Music lovers and band geeks alike go online for everything from concert tickets, apparel, accessories and of course, music stands. Sonifly sells music stands in a variety of shapes and sizes that fit into everyone’s budget. They also has plenty of accessories like stand lights and adapters to make your next performance a success. 

The site also has top selling stands from popular manufacturers like Manhasset so you know you’re getting quality and a lifetime guarantee. While you’re at the site you can also pick up digital sheet music from your favorite artist or buy DVDs and download MP3s to your tablet or iPod.

Knowledge is Power

The next time you find yourself choosing a new music stand, do as the band geeks do and demand performance and value from your stand. Kick a few “tires” and think seriously about what it is you want from a music stand and then head online to make your purchase. 4 out of 5 band geeks can’t be wrong… can they?