Just about everyone that has a job has coworkers. It's one of those things that isn't easy to get out of. Some people prefer to keep their coworkers as acquaintances, while others like to make friends with the people they work with. I am going to explain why it's much better to keep your coworkers close and make them want to be around you.

People move up within companies. It happens a lot. You may even dream of higher places within the company you work for. If you do manage to move up in your workplace, and you find yourself in charge of the people you once worked alongside, you will realize that people who like you will pay more attention to what you say, and be much more likely to follow your orders. Likewise, if one of your coworkers moves up and becomes your boss, they will most likely be much eaiser to work with than a boss that is indifferent to your feelings.

Companies don't want to create scandals. If the time ever comes that your employer is doing bad and feels the need to lay off some of their staff, they will probably try to avoid getting rid of the person that everyone knows and likes, as it could cause upset in the office. However, upsetting people won't even be a thought if you are virtually unknown throughout your workplace.

Networking never hurts. If the time ever comes for you to leave your current place of employment, and search for greener grass, having friends in your field will make the job search a lot easier. Other people in your field may know of job opportunities you may have otherwise missed, and they can sometimes get you into places that would have overlooked you without the recommendation.

I hope you agree with me that making friends with your coworkers is a very good idea. It can be very helpful currently and in your future, and you may end up realizing that the people you work with are wonderful friends you could have missed if you hadn't gotten to know them.