What is raspberry leaf tea?

Raspberry leaf tea is made from the dried leaves of, you guessed it, the raspberry bush! It doesn't taste at all like raspberries, but it actually has a flavor much more similar to black tea. However, it doesn't have caffeine like black tea does. Most people drink it straight, but you can always add your sweetener of choice, or try adding a dab of agave nectar for a nice twist. There are several benefits associated with drinking this amazing tea as well, so it's worth learning more about.

What are the health benefits of raspberry leaf tea?

make your own raspberry leaf tea

The first time raspberry leaves were mentioned as a medicine was way back in 1597, in a book called 'The Herbal'. This plant is still used as medicine today and has tons of benefits to drinking and/or eating it.

Tea made from this plant is great for all kinds of stomach problems like diarrhea, the flu or even regular stomach aches. It's also been used for menstrual cramps, respiratory problems and to urge the body to produce more sweat. Drinking this tea can help clear up your skin and cleanse your blood. It's just all around good! But could it actually be dangerous? That depends on where you get it.

The dangers of store bought teas

If you are planning to purchase some of this delicious miracle medicine at your local grocery store, think again! You're making the right choice by wanting to try it, but be careful where you get it. It's better to make your own because then you know exactly what's in it.

Store bought teas can contain any number of toxins, the farmers may use pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. All of which shouldn't be put into the human body. These chemicals would ruin the whole point of having this stuff in the first place. It's super easy to make your own anyway, and you can save tons of money!

The process of making raspberry tea is simple, all you need are the leaves, and water for brewing. Find a raspberry bush that you know is free of any and all chemicals and pluck off some of the leaves. Next you need to dry them out, the best way to do this is to leave them out in the sun until they are nice and crispy. If you leave any moisture they will mold when stored.

To brew this tea, just boil water and steep the leaves for up to 10 minutes. Add sweeteners or flavorings to taste, but don't go crazy, this is supposed to be a healthy drink! Enjoy your tea and the benefits that come along with it. Share with friends and family, everyone should enjoy this free and natural medicine.