I decided to move s0ome of my low performing articles over to InfoBarrel and I will continue to move a few more. I had one article that was originally posted on Xomba. It earned me a whooping 2 cents. I moved it over to Bukisa and after a few months it it had earned me 29 cents. I decided to move some articles over from Bukisa and this article was one of them.

The first day I had it published on InfoBarrel I got 1 click that was well over a dollar. In one day this article made more then it ever made on Bukisa or Xomba.

I brought over some other articles I had published on Bukisa and some of them have not earned any money yet on InfoBarrel but the few clicks I have had so far on the articles that I have received clicks on is more than I made with them on Bukisa for months.

If you move your articles to InfoBarrel from Bukisa you WILL make more money in the long run. Bukisa is paying $3.54 per thousand page views and many people are averaging over $10.00 per thousand page views using Google Adsense.

My personal CPM on InfoBarrel has went down the last two days but it is still well over twice what I am earning on Bukisa. When you consider the fact that Bukisa does not count all page views I am going to earn at least 3 times what I would on Bukisa.

I have one extremely high earning article on Bukisa that I may leave on Bukisa. I also have some crap articles I will leave on Bukisa. The rest of my articles on Bukisa will be deleted off of Bukisa and published here on Infobarrel.

If you have a large folio of articles on Bukisa then I recommend you bring all of them over to InfoBarrel. If you bring them all over within the same month then you could easily win a $100.00 gift certificate to Amazon.com from the monthly InfoBarrel contest.

I will continue to publish new articles on Bukisa. I like to use a writing method I learned in college. I simply start typing out anything that comes to mind without thinking about it. Once I have wrote a few hundred words an article begins to develop with one of my random sentences. I then write an article on what I was able to develop by randomly typing sentences. After I complete my article I then take all of the random sentences and post that on to Bukisa.

Bukisa has a reputation of poor editing. They will deny an article that is 5 stars and accept an article that is crappy and meaningless. I will continue to publish crappy articles on Bukisa but all of my other articles will be done for Infobarrel and a few for Examiner.

Writing an article takes the same amount of time regardless of where you publish it. If you write an article you might as well publish it will you will make the most long term income. That place is InfoBarrel.

If you are not yet a member of InfoBarrel youcan sign up for InfoBarrel here under me. If you would rather sign up for Infobarrel and not use my referral link then you can usethis link.

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