Every summer you will see the same scene play over and over again.  You will be driving down the street, whether it is coming home from work, or the store, or from working out, and you will pass a lemonade stand.

Most of the time you will drive by and just wave at the kids and think they look cute.  Sometimes you will even drive by and try not to make eye contact because you feel guilty about not stopping.

I would argue that you should never pass up a lemonade stand for several reasons.

The first is that the kids are really excited and have probably been planning their lemonade stand all day.  They have helped their parents mix the lemonade, carried out the table and chairs, made a cute sign all by themselves, and even got some money out of their piggy bank to use for change.

The second reason is that it is a valuable teaching tool for parents to teach their kids about money.  They learn that they have to give something of value in order to earn money.  That can mean selling something that they worked on or providing a service to someone such as clenching their thirst.

Learning to count change will also help them with their math skills.  Just think, by stopping at a lemonade stand you are helping teach a child math!

The last reason is just the emotional feeling of success the kids will have if enough people stop.  At a young age these kids have worked hard on something and want to succeed.

I have sat and watched the disappointment on my girls’ face as car after car goes by without stopping.  We have even had to call friends and tell them to drive by and stop so that they can have some actual customers.

The pleasure of seeing the joy on their faces when someone pulls up is priceless.  Especially when it is someone they don't know.  They get their little cups out and pour the lemonade, take their money and make change, and have a little idle chit chat with someone they don’t know.

So the next time you are driving down the road in a hurry and see a lemonade stand, just stop and buy a cup.  Even if you don’t like lemonade.  If they are charging a quarter or fifty cents give them a dollar and tell them to keep the change.  That is a small price to pay to make a child’s day.