The first time a doctor uses a baby heart monitor to allow you to listen to the heartbeat of your unborn baby, it is for most people a magical experience that they cannot fully express. What was once an idea and bundle of cells is suddenly real, tangible, and alive. Its heartbeat is like a drum announcing its presence and imminent arrival in the world. There is nothing else like it.

While they were once available for use only in the doctor's office, fetal dopplers have in recent years been repackaged in smaller, easier to use forms that can be used by most people in the privacy and comfort of their homes. There are some who question the need for a baby heartbeat monitor in the home when you can just listen to it when you go to the doctor, but there are a number of good reasons to have one.

Helps With Bonding
As touched upon before, many people don't find that the developing fetus is "real" to them until the first time they hear its heart beating or the first time they see it on a sonogram. When people use fetal dopplers to listen to their baby's heartbeat, it can seem almost like that beating heart is a little voice talking to them from inside the womb, saying, "Here I am. I'll see you soon."

This type of quasi conversation can help a couple begin to form a bond with the baby before it is born. You can even record the heartbeat with certain models. This allows you to make a keepsake CD that you can hold on to forever.

Helps Prevent Complications
While a baby heart monitor is not intended in the slightest to act as a replacement in part of full for a doctor's care, the regular use of a fetal doppler can help you monitor the pulse and heartbeat of your baby. This can help you know ahead of time if there are problems developing, such as a very fast heartbeat indicating that the fetus is under a great deal of stress of a very slow heartbeat warning of other possible problems.

Reduces Stress
The use of a baby heartbeat monitor can be a powerful source of stress relief for expecting mothers, especially those who have suffered miscarriages or complications in the past. It lets them know that the pregnancy is progressing as it should, and gives them the power to take a more active role in the event that something goes wrong.

The main thing to watch for when choosing a baby heart monitor is to make sure that it has been FDA approved. FDA approval means that it has undergone extensive testing by the government to ensure that it is effective and in no way harmful to the developing baby. You may end up spending a bit more, but your baby's health is well worth it.