A Katie crib is a very elegant option, and it will help you save money and space. Most Katie crib models are very light and compact, which means that you can put them in your own bedroom without rearranging the furniture. One of the most popular lines from Katie features cribs made of soft cotton and foam, on a simple wood frame. The cribs are very stable, so you really don’t have to worry about safety issues. The fact that they are also extremely light also reduces a lot the risk of accidents.


Choose The Charm And Comfort Of A Katie Crib

When you are shopping for a crib, there are several things you need to consider. Safety always come first, but as stated before, products from Katie crib have a simple, efficient design that makes them extremely safe. The comfort – yours ad the baby’s – are also very important. Made of soft cotton and dense foam, those cribs are just like a nest, where your baby can cuddle and stay warm and cozy. A light crib makes all the difference. When you are adjusting to your life with a newborn, you will have to try different ways: put the baby to sleep in his or her room, take the baby in your own bedroom and so on. A crib that is light enough to be moved around by a single person will prove to be a huge help for you.

Katie crib reviews from other parents will tell you everything you need to know about your products. If you don’t like the idea of putting your baby to sleep in a large crib on cot bed, then a Katie crib is a great idea. It’s as comfortable as a bassinet, but you will be able to use it for at least 6 months, while most bassinets can be used only for three or four months. If you want a regular crib, one with an all-wood framing, then you can find a lot of great motels too under Katie’s brand. You will be able to use them until your baby is big enough to be transferred in a childbed.


Pick The Right Color And Good-Quality Bedding Sets

There are many finishes for Katie crib products. The Katie crib dark oak is one of the most popular choices, and for a very good reason. The color is classy and elegant, and also very easy to maintain. Cribs in light colors are cute and delicate, but keeping them clean is a nightmare. A white or cream crib, for example, requires a lot of scrubbing to look good and, as your baby grows and starts using a lot of different toys, crayons or play dough, your mission will be even harder. With a dark oak item, this problem simply disappears.

Not only the color of your Katie crib is important, but also the quality of bedding sets and sheets that you get. Going for cheap items is not a solution. You will have to wash those bedding sets a lot, so they need to be durable. Also, the fabric is very important. You have to use only sheets made of cotton. The bedding sets (the blanket and the bumper) should also be made of natural fiber in the areas where the baby’s delicate skin gets in contact with the fabric. The dye used for the sheets and bedding sets can cause a lot of problems. Cheap products contain poor quality, toxic dyes, so stay away from them. The easiest way to buy bedding sets that fit perfectly the size and the shape of your crib is to get same brand, both for the crib and the sets.


Katie Crib Instructions

You don’t have to be particularly skilled to install those cribs – it’s pretty basic work and you don’t even need a lot of tools. However, you need to follow all the instructions regarding the installment of the crib, in order to make sure that you get it right and your baby will be safe. If you can’t find the instructions, you don’t have to worry – you can always download a copy from the manufacturer’s website. The name and the number of the crib model you own will help you find the right instructions manual and you’ll get the job done in no time.