Playing Microsoft's Xbox Live Online is Totally Different

A New Replayable Experience Every Single Time

Just to say, I am a huge fan of the Xbox 360. For the longest time I never played online. Then one day I bit the bullet and bought an Xbox Live Gold Membership. That day has now resulted in hundreds of hours of my life dumped into playing this devious little gaming console. If you have never done it, you may be wondering why should you spend the money every month on such a membership. So I am going to tell you exactly why you should play Microsoft's xbox live and online!

The first reason is the social aspect for sure. For me I have a lot of friends now off in college land in far distant places. Facebook keeps us together, but it is the Xbox that on boring nights brings us together to now and again and battle it out on Gears of War 3. Or sometimes quest with each other while playing Dark Souls. Or just whatever strikes our fancy really.

It is all good clean fun as someone's mom is probably fond of saying.

You get a mic on a headset when you buy your 360, if you don't you can go to an online store and buy one for cheap. That mic allows you to communicate to your friends in your party. Usually it is a pretty solid connection. Sometimes not so much - which can make for interesting and definitely confusing conversations at times.

However, there is more this than just talking with old buddies while playing a video game. Nowadays, some games are totally different experiences when played online. For example, my favorite RPG is Dark Souls. It is an extremely difficult game yet extremely rewarding at the same time.

When you play Dark Souls you are constantly online if you allow your Xbox live membership to be turned on during gameplay.Which results in a lot of different things. One major thing is that other players can leave short little messages for you that can either warn you of some impending peril, tell you of a great treasure or secret area ahead, or it could be a message left by a total jerk that tells if you jump off a cliff you will find an awesome item.

Either way, it adds a caustic humor to the dark game. Sometimes it adds an extremely uplifting element as well. The online play factor is really what made the game for me in so many ways.

Of course - as always - there is more to this story.

You Save Money Playing Xbox Live Online!

Yeah, sure you are paying a monthly fee every month, but overall you are saving money. Well, you are going to save money if you are an avid gamer like myself. Most games have a good run time between 18-50 hours at max. Very little of these games have any replay value at all going for them either.

So once the game is done, what is a gamer suppose to do? Just twiddle his thumbs? No! He goes out and buys a brand new game to twiddle his thumbs with. New games are usually going to cost 50-60 bucks a pop. Buy a few of those a month and see what the cost is to your checkbook.

By playing the Xbox live online, you will find yourself replaying the same game over and over again with endless enjoyment. A great example of this is my own real life experience with Gears of War 3. It is a fun game, probably the best shooterI ever played, but I simply would never play it after the initial story was over. Sure if I had friends over and we had nothing better to do we may play a few rounds of Horde - but that really is the apex of the replayability factor.

Now with the online functions of Microsoft's Xbox Live, Gears of War 3 is taken to a whole new level of awesome for me. For hours and hours I will paly Horde online with 4 other friends. We will laugh, joke, sometimes even drink beer as we are slaughtering us some grubs and drones.

It adds the "party" factor to it all. And it is just a total blast.

Because of the monthly xbox live membership I have probably saved hundreds of dollars a month thanks to it making my games have so much more replayability to them. This alone is worth it. I have not bought a new game in months now. It appears all I need is Dark Souls, Gears of War 3 and my soon-to-be acquisition of Mass Effect 3.

The other thing about replayability that having an online account adds is the DLC. For those who are unintiated, DLC stands for Downloadable Content. With the advent of streaming technology and streaming downloads straight to your xbox 360, game developers will time from time release brand new portions of their games for you to download. Usually these downloads are either completely free or cost just a few bucks.

For games like Skyrim, that is a pretty big deal where the game is heavily based on mods to the environment and subquest plotlines.

If these reasons don't convince you as to why you should sign for Microsoft's Xbox live online memberships, than I really am not sure what would convince you. My Xbox Live Gold Membership has certainly saved me a ton of money over the months I have been a paying member. It will likely save you a ton as well too.