Many of our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters have gone to their early graves as a result of this dreaded disease known as breast cancer. It is said that prevention is better than cure but it is unfortunate that most of our women don't seem to take this proverb serious.

There has been a general campaign on breast cancer awareness all over the world but many women don't take it serious.

Why you should prevent breast cancer is because, if any woman is affected, curing it may not be easy and the end, what would you expect? Cutting off the affected breast. You can imagine the pains, discomfort and trauma that any woman whose one breast is cut of because of cancer could pass through. In some cases, the two breasts may be required to be cut off. It is very horrible and terrible for a woman to be living with a single breast or without any one.

Most of what any breast cancer patient can suffer are:

Pains: The pains are always very severe and unbearable. You can imagine one undergoing severe pains everyday and night. In some cases, it is even the pains alone that would send the victim to her early grave.

Unhappiness: It is a must that a victim of breast cancer will not be happy anymore in her life. She would not be even happy being alive.

Loss of appetite: Most victims normally lose appetite since happiness is no longer on their sides and this can enable death to come quicker.

Discomfort: Any victim of this disease will no longer be comfortable in life.

Shorter life span: The life of any sufferer is shortened. The victims don't usually live longer.

These are the reasons why you as a woman must prevent breast cancer. Embrace the breast cancer awareness campaign, examine yourself regularly and know all the symptoms of breast cancer. I care for you.