Whether you're buying an entire ski setup, or you rent every time, the benefits of investing in the right ski boot for you changes the game entirely.  This is the connection between your body and skiing.  The goal is to find a ski boot that fits you and then take some steps to make it fit even better.

When the fit is perfect:

  • Your performance increases because you can be more responsive.
  • You are more comfortable, which lets you ski longer and harder.  
  • Your feet stay warmer, because your blood is circulating properly.
  • You can take it with you on trips and save money by only renting skis.
  • You aren't forced to cram your feet into dirty and ill-fitting rental boots.

What you can do to make your ski boot perfect:

The first step is buying your gear, in person, at a store with a good reputation for boot fitting (a tiny bit of research involved).  This is one thing you still can't get online even in modern times, but it is crucial.  Boot fitters know the products and can narrow down the right one for you to begin with.  Boots vary in flex, width, shape, buckling systems, materials, etc.  Finding the one that fits your particular foot shape and skiing style is overwhelming and futile to do without help.  Beside the body part that goes in it, there's no relation to the way a shoe fits compared to the way a ski boot should fit.

After you narrow down the one for you, it can be shaped and modified to no end.  If anything fits incorrectly or starts giving you trouble, there are multiple solutions, because fitters can reshape and remold the boot to fix almost anything.  I say "almost anything" because reworking a boot that's too big because you bought it online will only end in disaster.  You can make something that's too small, bigger, but you can't make something big smaller.

Worthwhile upgrades:  

A custom molded footbed is worth it because it holds your foot in position better, which prevents problems such as toe-bang and other things.

A custom liner upgrade perfectly adapts to every curve and contour on your specific foot/calf.  

Cheapest Upgrade

Booster Strap for Ski Boot by SkiMetrix Intermediate
Amazon Price: $38.95 $31.95 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 11, 2014)
A booster strap prevents shin-bang and increases skiing responsiveness by giving your cuff the perfect tightness around your calf.

A Luxury Upgrade

Amazon Price: $249.00 $204.61 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 11, 2014)
Added warmth to make your feet cozy and toasty. There used to be some problems with the batteries holding charge, but they've gotten better. People rave about what a nice comfort booster they are.