Living a healthy life has become a very elusive thing for many people. The sedentary lives that people live these days do very little to help. With many people resorting to quickly prepared unhealthy foods, the healthier ones have been ignored by many. However, matcha green tea still remains one of the most talked about product. The finely-milled green tea is especially popular in Japan, where they even have the Japanese tea ceremony to drink this healthy beverage together. matcha powder is prepared traditionally in this ceremony and served for its many benefits. Currently, the beverage has earned worldwide reputation not just for its unique test but several health benefits. If what you desire is healthy living, matcha green tea powder is a good place to start.

Preparing Matcha Green Tea

One good reason you ought to consider taking matcha green tea is that its preparation is not a complex process. Just before harvest, the tea bushes are usually covered so as to prevent direct sunlight. This serves to turn the leaves to a darker shade and to trigger production of amino acids, for the resultant blend to be sweeter. After this:

  1.     The finest tea buds are picked by hand.
  2.     The leaves are rolled out prior to drying to give what is known as jade dew tea.
  3.     If the leaves are aired flat to dry, they crumble into a form known as 'tencha'.
  4.     Stems and veins are removed from the tencha and the leaves ground to form the brilliant green matcha powder.

The 'tencha' has to be ground to a very fine powder. Grinding a paltry 30 grams of matcha can take even an hour. The best grades of matcha green tea powder come with more sweetness and a richer flavor that other coarser grade. The powder can then be added to hot water for a fine beverage.

Grades Of Matcha Tea

As expected of such a high profile product, there are different grades of matcha tea. Compared to other forms of tea, it is slightly more expensive due to its unique qualities. The different grades have different price tags attached to them, to ensure everyone can get to enjoy the benefits of Matcha green tea powder. These different grades are defined by factors such as:

  • Position in the bush: the position from which a leaf is picked on the tea bush is very critical. The top of the bush has softer and more supple leaves which yield finer texture thus higher grades.
  • Handling before processing: The treatment tencha leaves undergo dictates the quality of the blend. Nowadays, drying of matcha has been moved to the indoors. This results in better quality matcha powder hence higher grades.
  • Grinding: Without the proper grinding equipment, the tencha can get burnt and suffer in terms of quality.

The final grade of the matcha green tea can also be compromised is it is exposed to oxygen. But what exactly makes everyone rush for matcha tea?

Health Benefits Of Matcha

There is more to matcha green tea powder than just its sweet taste and aroma. The beverage has countless health benefits that have made it the preferred choice for many. Some of these benefits are that:

  • The tea contains a higher concentration of antioxidants compared to other green teas. This helps to rid the body of harmful toxins.
  •   When taken regularly as tea, matcha powder has the ability to improve body metabolism.
  •   The beverage also helps to reduce cholesterol levels thus prevent obesity.

Most of these benefits are as a result of the fact that the entire leaf is actually ingested. Try matcha green tea and open a new window to healthy living.

Matcha Green Tea