Why You Should Take Guitar Lessons With A Guitar Teacher

Therer are many reasons why you should take guitar lessons with a teacher and this article will address some of them.  The easiest way to learn how to play your instrument is to take lessons from a qualified teacher.  A student needs the help of a teacher to become a decent guitar player.  Without the help of a teacher the student will pick up bad habits.  Taking guitar lessons is recommended for every new beginner guitar player.  You should go to your local music store and find out if they offer beginner guitar lessons.  You should also take lessons for at least a few weeks to find out if the guitar teacher is a right match for you.

Lessons Help You Avoid Bad Playing habits

I have seen so many guitar students whouse wrong fingering when they come to me for lessons. These students are all self taught and they have picked up some bad playing habits along the way. A teacher can help you break those poor playing habits and if you're a beginner you can learn the correct way from the start. Some examples of bad playing habits include playing scales witht two fingers, making incorrect chord formations, or playing songs the wrong way. These bad habits can become worse since you'll play the same thing over and over again. A good teacher can help you break that cycle and show you the correct way to play things. This is important when you learn harder chords such as bar chords or advanced concepts such as arpeggios. If you play classical guitar, a good guitar teacher is vital for your development. Find a teacher and learn the proper way to play right from the beginning.

Ask Your Teacher Questions

When taking lessons it is important to ask questions if you don’t understand something that your teacher is trying to give to you in your music session.  When you ask questions during your lessons you are letting your instructor know that you are very interested in learning all you can about the instrument which will help you progress much faster in your lessons.  This also helps your instructor understand your tastes in music and what you are interested in learning during your time with your teacher.  If you are silent during your lessons it is difficult for your teacher to judge your progress in the lesson.  For example, if you don’t understand how to play a chord just ask your teacher the proper way the chord should be played.  Keep your  teacher engaged with your learning during each lesson.

Set Guitar Playing Goals

You should set yourself some goals as a guitar student. These can be as simple as learning one new song per week or more long term goals such as mastering one certain type of guitar style. You should let your guitar teacher know about your goals so that together you can work on them. One goal I like to do for each student is have them write down a list of songs that they would like to learn. It doesn't matter how difficult the song is or if they are at that level yet. As we progress through each lesson we learn parts of these songs and that gives the student a real sense of progress in their lesson. As a student you need goals with your instrument because this will help you move forward and keep you from getting stuck in an old rut of playing the same material over and over again. Goals such as learning new chords, scales, arpeggios, and other material give you things to work on when you're not taking lessons. Even a beginner can have some goals such as playing the E Major chord perfectly for homework.

Practice at Home

When you are practicing your instrument at home be sure to practice everything that your teacher gave you for homework.  When you practice at home all the time you will become a better player in a shorter time. When you don’t practice you are sabotaging your potential progress on your instrument.  You will need significant time to become a decent guitar player.  The more you practice and listen to your teacher the better you will become.  You should aim for at least one hour practice per day to progress at a faster rate.  For each guitar practice session work on specific goals that you want to achieve such as learning new guitar scales or a new song.  Make sure that after each guitar practice session you have at least accomplished a few of the goals you have set out for yourself.  Do not neglect your practice sessions they are an important part of the learning process.  Let your guitar teacher know at your next guitar lessons the goals you worked on at home.  This will make it easier for you and your guitar teacher to reach the next level of your guitar playing abilities.

Work With Your Guitar Teacher and Become a Better Player

A good guitar teacher is there to help you progress and learn everything you can on your instrument. Work towards setting some goals that you and your teacher can work towards both short and long term. You need lessons so that as a student you're on the right track towards learning the guitar in the right way. While you can teach yourself with some great lessons online a teacher will give you the guidance you need during those early stages of your development as an artist. Once you have the basics you can continue to take guitar lessons or branch out on your own.