Pugs are known to be one of the most stubborn of all dog breeds. If you want a dog to come when you call his name, don't get a Pug. He'll eat when he wants to, go outside when he's good and ready, and stop bullying the cat once he's thoroughly exhausted. Pugs were bred to be companion dogs - not playing, fetching dogs. There is no sense of buying a Frisbee, unless you want to throw it, fetch it, throw it again - while he lays in the grass intently watching you have all the fun. Pugs shed - a lot! The shedding begins in the morning and ends - never mind, it doesn't end. If you were to collect the hairs each day that a Pug sheds, you would probably in a week's time have enough to make another dog. "He's so ugly, he's cute." If you adopt a Pug you will have to hear this at least once a day. You will never hear, "he's cute." The sentence always begins with the "He's so ugly" part. Is there plenty of room on your pillow for a Pug? They won't sleep alone. And once in the bed, they won't stay at the bottom of the bed like normal dogs do. No, they have to be right near your face. They demand equal rights and insist on their fair share of the pillow. Did I mention the snorting? Pug snorting can drive a person crazy. This never ending snortin' and gruntin' has caused countless grown men to curl up into the fetal position and cry while sucking their thumbs. It's unbearable! Now, why I adore my Pug... I find his stubbornness a charming trait. I don't mind picking him up in my arms to take him outside, or beg 20 times with promises of doggy biscuits if he'll just come back in the house. I love it that he is smart enough to watch me do all the Frisbee fetching. He's NOT so ugly he's cute - he's just plain cute. I admit I am jealous though; why are wrinkles cute on Pugs? It's not fair. He's cuddly and deserves his fair share of my pillow. Hey, snorting beats swearing, nagging and whining! Gotta say though... I'm not too fond of the shedding.