Bass fishing has become widely popular as millions enjoy the sport each and every day in every part of the world. Some fishermen choose to stick closer to home, seeking out the best local fishing holes, while others travel the world in search of the best fishing spots, such as Canada. When visiting the country, be sure to bring your camera, as you'll be enthralled by the stunning scenery that awaits your arrival.

If heading to Canada to fish for bass, you should know that the main season begins around the month of March, and will end some time in July. While it may seem like a long enough season, these few months aren't nearly enough to explore all of what the country has to offer. Besides the fishing, there's the snow topped mountains, the endless variety of wildlife, and some of the most beautiful views in all of the world.

While bass aren't the only type of fish to swim the waters of Canada, they are very prevalent in the northwestern area of Ontario. Canada is also home to some of the largest salmon in the entire world, attracting fishermen from many different countries. Besides these two popular fish, different species of pike are also a favorite with anglers in Canada.

When in the waters of Canada, bass fishing often results in catching mostly the smallmouth variety, that still average around six pounds or so, which is still large enough for them to known as hard fighters.

Also, don't rule out catching any largemouth bass fish, which are often over 10 to 12 pounds, making them quite the impressive catch. As soon as you feel that tug on the line, you'll definitely know the difference between the two. You'll soon learn that when visiting Canada, bass fishing is only one of the great things this beautiful country has to offer.