As you purchase website services for your company make sure you don't spend your money until results are put in front of you. When purchasing SEO services you want a company that will not take your money until they prove results versus one with a money back guarantee.

Every SEO company out there is going to brag about all the great results they can give you. The next thing you know a big bill will show up before they even start their work. They're expecting you to hand your money over to them before you even see what kinds of search engine rankings they can bring.

So what if there are no results?

Many companies that initially offer a money back guarantee have fine print that says you won't get all of your money back if you're unhappy. The better option is to choose a guaranteed SEO service that will let you keep your money until they prove to you they can do what they say.

With a guaranteed SEO service you will be given a plan to bring your company the search results you have wanted and not be out any money until you get them. How it works:


Things will start with a number of keywords that are selected to get your company the best search results for the money you are going to spend. Different keywords will have varying pricing due to their competitiveness and the search volume they are expected to bring to your company site.

Plan Implementation

The guaranteed SEO service now we'll get to work putting all those keywords into your website so you can begin to see results. They should send you a monthly rundown of how your keywords are working.

Pay for Results

Now you're going to start spending money on those results. You will be charged for only the keywords that are showing up within the top 10 search results on Google.

Why is the top 10 important? Most people who do a search for anything on the Internet are only going to look at the top 10 search results on that first page. Unless your website is in that top 10 chances are no one will even notice you're there.

Keep your money in your pocket until you see results by looking for a guaranteed SEO service that won't take money from you in until they show you what they can do. You'll appreciate knowing that you've seen success of your website before you're out a single penny.